Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy – Full Info!

Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy: Tower of Fantasy is bringing on a new cooking event from September 14th, yes the Auda Cafe event will be brewing some delicious dishes and food, alongside some rewards like SSR relic shards, and red nucleus to all the players. Here’s the detailed guide on GA about the Aida Cafe Event Tower Of Fantasy.

The new and limited-time Aida Cafe event will also be replacing the current existing road strife event in Tower of Fantasy, also the cooking event will be added to the 1.5 patch update of the game.

With this Aida Cafe event, you now become the store manager of your own cafe but temporarily, serve some amazing dishes and entrées as per your Tower of Fantasy customer’s needs, a max of entrées can be done restricted to 3 mystery customers alone for this Aida cafe event.

Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy
Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy

Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy 

The limited-time Aida Cafe cooking event commences tomorrow which is September 14th, 2022, and will end on 28th Sept, 2022.

The basic criteria to be available for the Aida Cafe event is that one tower of fantasy gamer must be at level 17, so those wanderers and users with Tower of Fantasy level 17 can join this cooking event now from tomorrow.

Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event Details! 

All Tower of Fantasy chefs are now getting ready to become temporary managers for this Aida cafe cooking event, so once the mystery customers give their orders, prepare some delicious entrées and earn some income.

One day maximum 3 customers’ orders can be taken and a grand total of 5 entrées can be prepared and served to them all, but make sure that you are at level 17 in Tower of Fantasy to prepare all these entrées to the mystery customers for this Aida Cafe Cooking limited-time event.

Aida Cafe Event Rewards!

After serving some meals to the mystery customers throughout this Aida cafe event, you will earn revenue through the currencies, apart from that, some of the other main aida cafe event rewards will be

  • SSR Relic Shard Box
  • Champion
  • Red Nucleus
  • Shopkeeper Frame and Title
  • Special Vouchers.

More about the Aida Cafe Event in Tower Of Fantasy!

Apart from the above-mentioned aida cafe rewards, some more Tower of Fantasy points and gifts are all waiting for you. Even you might be rewarded with black crystals for successfully completing the Aida cooking event.

Just make sure that your Tower of Fantasy ing level is at least 17, then start on the cooking event from tomorrow and around 2 weeks time are there, make some delicious entrées and black truffles ain’t allowed in this Aida cafe event as per the info on Tower of Fantasy social media handles.

Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy
Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy


Cook and earn revenue, also the Aida Cafe event offers one with the best chance to equip some red nucles and SSR Relic shards up to 50, daily 3 mystery customers can be served to an extent of 5 entrées in total at a maximum.

Those who don’t have enough red nucles and SSR Relic shards at Tower of Fantasy are now with the best chance of earning them all through this Aida cafe event 2022.

Now at GA, Aida Cafe Event Tower of Fantasy 2022 all details and guide are done for you. Become the temporary store manager for this cooking limited-time event from tomorrow, we will come up with more info for this aida cafe event as soon as we get it here.

Stay tuned for more info about the Aida Cafe Event, keep watching our space for more exclusive articles. Share your doubts in the comment box below. Follow gaming acharya for more exclusive gaming content and news.

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