All 6 Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy

All 6 Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy: Hard Ruin C-02 chests are not easy to find at Tower of Fantasy, all the 6 Hard chests at the C-02 ruin are located in different rooms and pathways, here’s our guide, pathway to All 6 Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy.

Now it’s time to explore the Hard Ruin C-02 6/6 chests, also going with the best characters and weapons to defeat the boss and enemies in the C-02 room is a must to grab all the hard C-02 chests easily.

Your walkthrough to find the hard ruin C-02 chests will be quite different and difficult as set by Tower Of Fantasy, as all the 6 unique hard chests at C-02 Ruin are at one spot, activate the switch, defeat the boss, fly through the passage and bridge are the pathways to get the C-02 Hard Ruin chests.

Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy
Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy

ll 6 Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy – Guide & Pathway!

Okay, let’s begin on the location hunt to explore the C-02 Hard Ruin chests of Tower Of Fantasy now, first go there to C-02 ruin, to the left of the door find the first hard C-02 chest by activating the switch, if bosses and enemies are there defeat them, get your chest and activate the switch again to cross the bridge.

Then go to the next C-02 chest room by taking the staircase and crossing the bridge, under the table the next C-02 Hard chest is found, activate the switch, and change colors immediately from blue to red.

Hard Ruin C-02 Chests!

For finding the third C-02 Hard level chest, activate the jumper, go through the mushrooms by flying, then go beneath the river, many enemies are there for you to bash and defeat, get the third hard ruin CO2 chest now.

More Walkthrough to Find C-02 Ruin Hard Chests (6/6)!

To get the 4 the hard ruin C-02 chest go to the area with a blue aura, pass through the ruins, find and activate the stone structures, use the switch to turn those stones to blue from red, jump on an orange platform, fly over the mushrooms, the chest is beneath the desk on the room.

The fifth of the 6/6 C-02 Ruin Hard Chest is on the green platform, jump on three devices, activate switches, move towards the passage, defeat the boss and conquer the next hard chest.

The final one is near the C-02 ruin first room, use a pink platform, cross the mushrooms, defeat the enemies, cross through the statues, solve the puzzle to find the final C-02 Hard Ruin chest, and land on the treasure chest finally to obtain all of the 6 Hard ruin C-02 chests finally on Tower of Fantasy.

That’s the complete guide and pathway to find all the (6/6) hard Chests at C-02 Ruin in Tower of Fantasy, Marshall your troops with the best weapons to find the hard C-02 ruin chests without any hardships and easily.

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All 6 Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy

Many enemies and bosses are always on your way at the C-02 ruin rooms, bridges, and near the mushrooms, that’s why the best set of Tower Of Fantasy weapons are always needed to get the C-02 ruin chests easily.

We’re unsure about the rewards for obtaining all the 6 Hard chests at the C-02 Ruin on Tower Of Fantasy now. Stay tuned for more about the C-02 Hard ruin chest guide and walkthrough.

All 6 Ruin C-02 Hard Chests Tower Of Fantasy guide on GA is done for now. Stay tuned for more Tower of Fantasy quest guides and articles from our end. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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