Kroatomist Locker Bundle: Release Date, Skin Leaks!

As the Kroatomist was touted to have a locker bundle in the Fortnite item shop for the last 10 days, now it’s almost official from Fortnite leakers and leaks that Kroatomist Locker Bundle is officially coming out tonight to the item shop. (12th Sept 2022).

The Kroatomist has always been an uncommon item bundle but never got released by Epic Games. Though it’s been widely expected by all the Fortnite gamers, the Kroatomist never made its way to the item shop.

Unfortunately, the Kroatomist Bundle got leaked in the Fortnite item shop in Aug end, but unfortunately, Epic Games removed the Kroatomist item bundle immediately after its release.

Kroatomist Locker Bundle Release Date!

Kroatomist Locker Bundle

As the Kroatomist item bundle on the Fortnite item shop was long pending, now even Kroatomist has confirmed the same by tweeting that the Kroatomist Fortnite locker bundle will be released tonight.

Confirming the same news and leaks on the Kroatomist, Kroatomist tweeted to confirm that Kroatomist Locker Bundle will be out on 2.00 am from tom on the Fortnite item shop in Fortnite chapter 3 season 3.

So 12th September 2022 is the official release date of the Kroatomist item locker bundle, we will be getting more leaks and official news from Kroatomist himself about his exclusive Fortnite locker bundle.

Kroatomist Locker Bundle – More Deets!

Apart from the info of the Kroatomist Locker Bundle getting launched in Fortnite item shop from tomorrow, no more details of the Kroatomist skins, outfits, or cosmetics, are known yet.

Once the Kroatomist Locker Bundle item gets unvaulted on the Fortnite item shop on 12th September 2022, everything regarding the Kroatomist item bundle will be known officially.

The price and cost of the Kroatomist item bundle is touted to be around 1,800 V-bucks at the Fortnite item shop. Let’s wait for more info on whether Kroatomist will be available for free or even if the Kroatomist outfit gets available in the Fortnite item shop.

With just few more hours to go for the official launch of the locker bundle of Kroatomist in the Fortnite item shop, we will keep you posted on more about the same.

Kroatomist Locker Bundle

Kroatomist Locker Bundle in Fortnite From Tomorrow!

So this uncommon item bundle of Kroatomist in Fortnite is set for a brand debut to the world’s one of the best battle royale games soon in some hours.

We will try to gather as much as info about the Kroatomist item bundle of Fortnite soon from the Fortnite data miners and leakers.

Apart from the Kroatomist item bundle, more new Fortnite leaks are expected to be launched tonight at the Fortnite item shop.

Also, we’re unsure, how long will this Kroatomist outfits, skins, and cosmetics with its Fortnite locker bundle will stay at the Fortnite item shop, maybe Kroatomist will have a short sojourn at the item shop till the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 commences.

That’s everything we’ve gotten to know about this Fortnite Kroatomist item bundle, Kroatomist Locker Bundle leaks over here at Gaming Acharya. Stay tuned for more leaks of the same Kroatomist item bundle from our end. Keep following gaming acharya for more gaming articles and exclusive updates here.

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