How to Fix “Genshin Impact Failed to Connect to Server”

In the Global edition of Genshin Impact, players can choose between several servers, and users on the America server are now having Connection Failed troubles. So, in this article of Gaming Acharya, we will try to provide all the possible best solutions regarding Genshin Impact: Failed to Connect to Server.

As a reminder, Genshin Impact has two servers: one in China and one in the rest of the world. At login, the Global server is separated into America, Europe, Asia, and Taiwan + Hong Kong + Macao. It is possible for one of the Global version’s servers to go offline unexpectedly, while the other servers remain operational.

What is the status of Genshin Impact Failed to Connect to Server?

Genshin Impact Failed to Connect to Server

On September 9, some Genshin Impact players on the America server reported connection failures. Other servers, such as the Asia and Europe servers, are operating normally for the moment, as DualShockers confirmed firsthand.

Genshin Impact Is Never Subjected to Emergency Maintenance.

As such, on the off chance that you can’t interface with all Genshin Effect servers, it infers your association is down. However, if you can’t connect to a single server, as is the case right now, the problem is on the server side. However, because the game does not shut down its servers for emergency maintenance, the server should be back up and running fairly soon.

Bugs and glitches in Genshin Impact are fixed by the developers either while the game is still running or during the maintenance period for each major update. All servers are taken offline during periodic maintenance periods, which occur every six weeks. The current version of Genshin Impact is 1.3. The release date for the Version 1.4 upgrade has not yet been announced by developer miHoYo, although that is when the next maintenance is scheduled.

Anyone May Play on Any Global Version Server.

If your usual server is unavailable and you truly want to experience the Genshin Impact, you may always try another one. However, save data is not exchanged across servers.

As a result, if you’re a big Genshin Impact fan, you might want to start another run on a different server. Perhaps with the other twin protagonist, and relive the game. You may even obtain characters that aren’t on your main server and experiment with new styles of games. In this manner, you may play even if your normal server is suffering Connection Failed issues.

Genshin Impact Failed to Connect to Server

If the aforementioned suggestions do not work, then follow the steps below:

1. Modify the Server Location

This error is generated by either the servers to which you are attempting to connect or by your own network connection. Change the server location and restart the Genshin Impact program if necessary.

2. Server Downtime

If you can connect to another server, it means that the one you’re attempting to connect to is experiencing a server outage or maintenance.

3. Test Your Network Connection

In the event that the issue continues, it is undoubtedly connected with your own organization association. Take a stab at changing from WiFi to cell or the other way around, contingent upon what turns out best for you. You may also test your network connection using a speed testing website, such as If you have an average latency of more than 100 ms, you will need to make some modifications to your network connection, since a faulty connection will cause packet loss, preventing you from playing the game effectively.

4. App Refresh in the Background

Scroll all the way down until you see Genshin Impact in your native settings app. Check that the Background App Refresh option is turned on.

5. Reset Network Configuration

When you have completed this, you should also stop any VPN programs that are running and altering your connection to the server, since they might further degrade your connection. Finally, if nothing else works, you will need to reset your network settings. Enter your General settings and press the Reset button. Reset your network settings if necessary.

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