WarZone Mobile Pre Registration: Easy Steps for Pre-Registration

Warzone Mobile Pre Registration is beginning soon. In the history of mobile gaming something big and mega is going to happen. Call of Duty is coming up with its Warzone Mobile. The Warzone Mobile Pre Registration is to begin and the gamers are losing their patience with the global launch.

The Warzone Mobile Pre Registration can get you some exciting rewards such as unlocked queen and many more. The Warzone Mobile Pre Registration can also give you an opportunity to play the game beforehand.

UI Of The Warzone Mobile & Mobile’s Specification

WarZone Mobile Pre Registration

UI is going to be fabulous, we are going to see UI and graphics that has never happened in mobile gaming. It is going to be so realistic that people will go crazy about it. In an apparent way, people will start thinking about their presence in the gaming lobby. This game is not something sort of some basic game that will get a million players as those games can be played on any device.

It will require a high-end mobile with better chipsets. So drop the idea of playing it on any mobile you will need a good phone. So if you are really interested to experience Warzone Mobile get a good phone. You can go for some gaming phone or the newly launched iPhone 14 can also be a good option.

The Exact Process of Warzone Mobile Pre Registration

It can be done in two ways.

1. Using the official website.

2. Using Tap Tap.

Using the official website

For this, you have to go to the official website of the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile and have to follow the further steps after the launch of the beta version. One important thing to keep in mind is that the game will be launched in three phases first one being the beta version of the game second will be the soft launch and in the end, the global launch will be done.

Before the Warzone Mobile Pre Registration Logo has been revealed with the launch of its teaser and social media handles are also created. I will suggest you to check out their social media handles and websites regularly for rewards and surprises

Using Tap Tap

Just go to Google and search tap tap warzone Mobile and boom the magic is available to happen and you will be done with the Warzone Mobile Pre Registration by just following those simple steps.

How Excited are the Gamers for this launch?

There is no limit to excitement and happiness among the Gamers community. Many Gamers are caught saying that they can leave girlfriends for the game(just kidding). You can imagine the excitement and curiosity that it’s not even been 24 hours and the newly created Instagram page has already got around 50k followers.

Almost everyone is getting mind blown by just thinking of Warzone Mobile Pre Registration.

Some basic bits you should know before Warzone Mobile Pre Registration

WarZone Mobile Pre Registration

You should know these before the Warzone Mobile Pre Registration:

• File size is supposed to be somewhere between 5GB to 6GB so you need to have a good internet connection and a high-end mobile is a must.

• Beta version to be launched on 15th September with some game plays many more surprises are also going to be revealed.

• The lobby will be of 120 players which are 150 on PC.

• It will also consist of shared progression.

• Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is exclusively a battle royale game. The COD Mobile already had a battle royale element in addition to standard multiplayer.

There are many more surprises that will be revealed on 15th September at Call of Duty Next till then tune in to Gamingacharya for more gaming info, tricks, and redeem codes.

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