All 6 Hard Ruin C-01 Cheat Tower Of Fantasy – All 6 C-01 Ruin Hard Chest Locations!

Ruin C-01 cheat Tower of Fantasy has been one of the ruin quests, where you must find all easy, normal, and also the hard level ruin chests in the game, now let’s see all the 6/6 Hard Ruin chests through our guide of All 6 Hard Ruin C-01 Cheat Tower Of Fantasy.

So before proceeding to find the hard chests at ruin C-01 in Tower of Fantasy, get ready with your best weapons and start on the walkthrough to the C-01 Ruin to find all 6 Hard chests.

So for Ruin C-01 in hard level, your Tower of Fantasy ING level must be at least 62, once you scout and find out all the hard chests, then exp, hover cannon shard, gold, etc are your potential rewards, so now let’s go through to the guide and pathway also with the walk through to find all the 6 Hard chests at Ruin C-01 map region in Tower Of Fantasy.

All 6 Hard Ruin C-01 Cheat Tower Of Fantasy – All 6 C-01 Ruin Hard Chest Locations! 

Ruin C-01 in Tower of Fantasy

Hard Chests at Ruin C-01 Guide & Pathway!

So firstly go with the best troops and weapons to the C-01 ruin room door, fight the bosses, and activate the switches if necessary, at the left side of the door, you could find the first hard chest out of all the (6/6) hard ruin chests in Tower of Fantasy.

Then proceed to find the 2nd hard ruin C-01 chests, run towards the next room, the next chest is just beneath the table of the room, defeat all the boss and enemies and equip the next hard ruin chest here.

More Pathways & Walkthrough to Hard Ruin C-01 Secret Chests!

The 3rd secret hard chest at ruin C-01 will be in the first room itself, make sure to activate all the switches, use also the bow to change the red color into blue, now get the third hard ruin chest and activate the switch to run through the bridge.

Then cross through the bridge and fly on to the next room on your left, which also holds the 4th hard chest at C-01 ruin, also make sure to press the switch button to find the next 5th hard ruin chest.

Before going to find the 5th hard ruin C-01 chest, take the bow to switch colors once again, activate the switch at the center place, cross the pillars and go down near the stairs, find the boss room, defeat him and get the 5th hard chests.

All 6 Hard Ruin C-01 Cheat Tower Of Fantasy

Then cross through the bridge after defeating the enemies, then cross the 2nd bridge and take the stairs to find the next hard ruin chest by dodging cool down too and activate the switch, then finally fly and pass through the water to find out the final hard ruin C-01 chest, with this all the 6/6 hard ruin C-01 hard chests are obtained easily.

Change the color of switches to activate the platform and bridge, activate the switch to solve the puzzle, defeat the boss and enemies, and finally find out the Ruin C-01 hard chests at these locations of Tower Of Fantasy.

With these, you can easily find out all the 6 Hard Ruin C-01 hard chests in Tower of Fantasy, our guide, pathway, and walkthrough to find the hard level chests at C-01 Ruin in Tower of Fantasy are done.

Now go to the C-01 Ruin room, and find out all the 6 Hard chests of Tower Of Fantasy with this easy Hard Ruin C-01 Guide and Pathway at GA.

Get the coveted rewards after finding all the hard chests in C-01 Ruin on Tower Of Fantasy, stay tuned for more relevant Tower of Fantasy quest guides and articles. Keep watching this space for more gaming articles from us.

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