Valorant New Skin Bundle: Kohaku & Matsuba Skin Bundle!

Riot Games have launched a Valorant new skin bundle and the very first cosmetics bundle for Valorant episode 5 2nd act, yes the new Matsuba & Kohaku Skin bundle is on its way to debut at the Valorant inventory shop.

Speaking about the new cosmetics collection of Kohaku and Matsuba which is coming out today on Valorant inventory, this Matsuba and Kohaku bundle also has several guns which will receive their own Valorant gun skins too.

Kohaku and Matsuba Phantom bundle on Valorant is finally launched today, but the only concern for Valorant gamers is that the official VP of these new Valorant phantom cosmetics is unknown yet. But the Kohaku and Matsuba bundle will be on the premier lines of Valorant.

Valorant New Skin Bundle: Kohaku & Matsuba Skin Bundle!

Valorant New Skin Bundle

So the new Valorant cosmetics bundle will be a Japanese based phantom style one from today onwards, the Kohaku and Matsuba skin collection will also be introducing a new melee weapon apart from the original 4 gun skins too in addition.

Kohaku & Matsuba Collection Release Date!

The new Kohaku and Matsuba Collection bundle in Valorant will effectively be available from today that’s from 8th Sept 2022 as it’s replacing the existing Valorant Champions bundle 2022 from today onwards.

Now all Valorant gamers may get their hands on the new Kohaku and Matsuba skins, gun skins, and other cosmetics from the inventory with respective Valorant Points.

Kohaku & Matsuba – List of Skins!

As said this new Valorant Phantom Collection holds these 4 gun skins in the form of,

Operator, Phantom, Judge, and Classic are the guns that receive the new skins from the Valorant’s new Kohaku & Matsuba collection, also the Kohaku and Matsuba will contain an additional melee weapon too.

Price of Kohaku & Matsuba Collection in Valorant!

Kohaku & Matsuba Skin Bundle

As already said the new Valorant bundle of Kohaku & Matsuba is inspired by Japanese-styled themes, now these both will be available as a premier edition Valorant bundle on the inventory shop. Here is the tentative VP of the Matsuba & Kohaku collections in Valorant 2022.

  • The New Kohaku & Matsuba Operator for 1,775 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Phantom for 1,875 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Judge for 2000 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Classic for 1,575 VP
  • Equilibrium for 4,550 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Buddy will be available at 475 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Card costs around 375 VP
  • Kohaku & Matsuba Spray for 455 VP
  • Whole Kohaku and Matsuba Item Bundle for 7,100 VP

The new Kohaku and Matsuba collections on Valorant will also be seen in two color variants for now,

– Ice Blue colored one with some orange shades and patterns

– Likewise Black colored ones with ash patterns

That’s all everything about this new Valorant Kohaku and Matsuba Japanese based collection of items, skins, and cosmetics from Valorant chapter 5 act 2 from today on the inventory shop,

The only awaited thing about this new Kohaku and Matsuba bundle on Valorant is that its official VP, which will also be known today as Valorant has unleashed this new Japanese styled item bundle and themes with cosmetics to all the Valorant gamers.

Also, the existing incumbent Valorant champions bundle items 2022 will also be leaving the inventory from today, make sure to exploit that Valorant champions bundle too.

Stay tuned to know more about Valorant gaming news from our handle. Keep watching this space for more gaming updates and exclusive content. That’s all about this Valorant Kohaku and Matsuba bundle news and updates.

More news is awaited on how long these new Valorant Japanese based collections will stay in the inventory. Stay tuned for our next article from this end. Do check out our other articles which are below here.

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