BGMI 2.0 Coming Soon: New Official Version For India!

Is BGMI 2.0 coming soon to India in 2022 after BGMI ban? As BGMI got banned or removed from the play store for all Indian BGMI players, now the news is so strong that the BGMI 2.0 version of the game is coming soon to all Indian BGMI players,

if ever this news of BGMI 2.0 turns out to be true, then it’s a feast and delight to all those Indian BGMI gamers.

So now the news is that BGMI is set to become BGMI 2.0, as well as BGMI unban in India is also among the various news and leaks from BGMI data miners and YouTube leakers of BGMI.

Also, the old BGMI data of all the players will now be transferred to the BGMI 2.0 of their respective accounts without deleting anything from the old BGMI game, the old BGMI data with the files will also be transferred to your new BGMI 2.0 gaming account.

BGMI 2.0 coming soon: Official game for India!

BGMI 2.0 coming soon

So, the BGMI unban leaks are already being surfed for the past one week, but now the next development apart from the BGMI unban in India is that,

BGMI 2.0 game is under development and this BGMI 2.0 game will completely be the Indian version of the game, also a new Indian gaming developer is all set to launch the BGMI 2.0 to Indian BGMI fans after BGMI got banned recently in India 2022.

BGMI 2.0 Game Coming Soon – When is BGMI 2.0 Releasing?

So far, no official updates, and the official release date of BGMI 2.0 is known so far, once the developers announce the official date for BGMI 2.0 after its development, we shall update the BGMI 2.0 release date update over here officially.

BGMI 2.0 Release Date in India 2022: Leaks About Data Transferred from BGMI to BGMI 2.0!

The BGMI 2.0 version of the game for all Indian BGMI players will surely be coming out, but the exact release date of BGMI 2.0 will be known once Krafton announces it, then we can expect BGMI 2.0 game for all Indian BGMI players after the BGMI ban 2022.

On the other hand, though BGMI is banned and removed from Google Play Store, your BGMI date will not be deleted, as BGMI has planned to transfer your entire data and files to the BGMI 2.0 version of the game, once BGMI 2.0 gets released in India 2022.

BGMI 2.0 coming soon

Is BGMI getting Unbanned?

As Krafton is working round the clock and putting on all the best inputs and efforts to bring BGMI or BGMI 2.0 to all the Indian players, there have been numerous leaks and talks on the possibility of BGMI being unbanned from the Indian government.

Even many popular BGMI eSports players have given their go on BGMI urban, as all of them want a BGMI unban or either BGMI 2.0 version of the game very soon.

So for now, BGMI unban date or BGMI unban news are not available, but surely the BGMI 2.0 game launch is happening, once BGMI 2.0 launch is officially announced, then BGMI will be unbanned automatically as BGMI 2.0 will be back.

As the new BGMI 2.0 is under development with completely based on Indian servers and the Indian version, high-risk security and other complicated factors launching BGMI 2.0 are all there, so once the government officials and government of India give the nod to launch BGMI 2.0, we will get to know the official BGMI 2.0 release date after BGMI ban in India 2022.

BGMI 2.0 coming soon: Official game for India 2022 is done now, all leaks and news of BGMI 2.0 launch, BGMI unban, BGMI data transfer with files, and BGMI 2.0 possible release dates are known.

We will be back with the official release date updates of BGMI 2.0, once BGMI 2.0 leaks start coming out officially. Stay tuned to know more on BGMI 2.0 and BGMI unban news for India 2022 here shortly.

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