Is Zombies Coming Back to COD Mobile Season 8?

Is Zombies Coming Back to COD Mobile season 8? Everyone’s favorite COD gaming mode is obviously the zombie limited time mode, but for a while, the zombie mode has been kept aside by the team of COD owing to several unlisted reasons.

Ever since the zombie mode on COD world at war got unleashed and debuted, all COD players have had the best times bring spent with the zombies over there.

Now with COD season 8 with more leaks being unveiled one by one, all COD players possibly want the vintage and old zombie mode to be reinstated back to the same cod mobile game now from the 8th season of the same.

Is Zombies Coming Back to COD Mobile Season 8?

Is Zombies Coming Back to COD Mobile

Ever since the zombie mode was taken off completely from the cod mobile game in 2020, the only question for the cod mobile users was about when will cod be bringing back the best gaming mode that’s the zombie mode to the game.

So now all eyes are on whether the zombies would return to the cod mobile through this new COD Mobile season 8: Train to Nowhere launch from the coming September 7th, 2022.

Since the 2022 match, there were also widespread rumors that both the zombies and zombie mode would definitely be returning to the COD Mobile after a much hiatus break, also with a revamped zombie 2.0 mode in CODM with the zombies undergoing some changes too.

As per the leaks and grapevine surrounding the cod mobile season 8 launch, current there ain’t any room or space to allocate the zombie mode to the game, so zombies are not returning to COD Mobile Season 8 as there’s no scope for the zombie mode right now currently.

When Will the Zombie Mode Return Back to Call of Duty: Mobile in 2022? 

So far there are no listed dates for the zombie mode to return to the COD Mobile game, and the zombies as well for the current COD Mobile Season 8. The official release date of zombie mode was first listed in the schedule of Call Of Duty: Season 8, but for now there seems to be no returning of the zombies and the zombie mode either in this next COD Mobile Season 8 leaks.

But with much changes going forward from cod mobile, expecting the team of COD Mobile to reinstate and bring back the best zombie gaming mode to the COD Mobile Season 8 game launch from Sept or Oct 2022 to all the COD Mobile fans, gamers, buffs, users and finally the Call of Duty: Mobile players too.

How to Use and Play in Zombie Mode on Call Of Duty: Mobile 2022?

Is Zombies Coming Back to COD Mobile

But now, speaking of the zombie mode of COD Mobile, you can not play this particular zombie gaming mode on solo games and matches of COD, but however when the zombie mode and zombies return to Call Of Duty: Mobile, you can easily start exploring and searching for the zombies to play and enjoy with your friends or other public internet friends on COD Mobile too.

– Firstly select and choose the Event’s tab from the Multiplayer screen layout, and then select the featured tab too then.

– then proceed with selecting the ‘Undead Siege’ option mode from the list of options that pop up on your cod mobile Screen

– and then finally select the ‘Start’ to begin searching tab, else commence on a new game if there are enough of 3 players in the same lobby too.

That’s all about our article on zombies coming back to COD Mobile Season 8 in 2022. Stay tuned for more gaming content and exclusive articles from the Gaming Acharya page.

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