PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass Release Date, Rewards

As the PUBG Mobile lite season 39 winner pass finally ended, now it’s time for all new brand updates on the new PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass and more exclusive PUBG lite season 40 news and updates.

As the season 40 wp has finally rolled out in PUBG mobile lite today, the same PUBG lite season 40 will be staying on till September 30th at least as per the grapevine and buzz surrounding.

Season 40 wp on PUBG lite will also be available in two different and distinct variants, the new Elite upgrade variant pass is set to be available for around 280 BC, whilst the Elite Upgrade Plus variant wp for Season 40 is available at 800 UC too.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass Release Date Out!

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40

The new season 40 wp on PUBG lite game has already been live from today, as the PUBG lite season 39 had already concluded earlier making way for season 40 wp, now this PUBG Mobile lite season 40 wp is sure to stay on till Sept 30th in 2022.

So those who purchase both the PUBG Mobile lite version game’s wp season 40 passes with UC, also have a chance at getting over 1000 and 3000 BC respectively in this game.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 1 to 30 WP Rewards!

So now it’s time to see on the PUBG lite season 40 wp level 1 to 30 rewards over here,

The PUBG lite season 40 wp rewards for Rank Level 1 are the new school girl with pink outfits, street emote

Likewise, Wp 5 and 10 are having strawberry coolers, a berry cute little cover, premium crate coupon cover rewards, a bon appetit pan, and helmets.

PUBG lite mobile wp season 40 rank rewards for levels 12, 15, and 20 are sure to have these items like violet wonder Hemet, oven-fresh exclusive backpack, supermarket sale parachutes, green skins, and another berry cute set too.

And finally, the wp season 40 rank level wp 25 and wp 30 in PUBG Mobile lite game include the Cherry Blossom S12K and also finally the Golden Feather Dacia too.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass Rewards!

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40

The basic PUBG lite season 40 rewards include the School girl set, Berry Cute set, gun skins, vehicles skins, Golden Feather Dacia skins, Violet Wonder UMP 45, the new exclusive Violet colored Wonder Set, and finally the purple Wonder Headgear rewards too.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass Tier Rewards! 

So basically all the new PUBG lite season 40 WP rewards for rank level 1 to 30 and the previous season 39 rank rewards in PUBG lite are expected to be the only PUBG Mobile Lite Season 40 Winner Pass Tier set of rewards.

The Tier rewards of PUBG lite season 40 WP are the school girl set cosmetics, emote, golden feather Dacia, green military gun skins, violet wonder set, headgear, emote, premium crate, and a lot more too.

That’s everything on about the new PUBG lite mobile game’s season 40 Winner Pass rewards, tier rewards, PUBG lite season 40 wp rank level wp 1 to wp 40 rewards.

The PUBG lite season 40 Winner Pass is expected to stay on fire for 4 more weeks, so all those PUBG lite gamers may now get on the new wp level 1 to wp 30 rewards in PUBG lite wp season 40. All new wholesome PUBG lite rewards are now added from Tencent for all the PUBG gamers and fans now.

Stay tuned for more PUBG lite season 40 wp news and exclusive PUBG lite updates from us. More PUBG lite season 40 exclusive news with the official tier rewards for wp 40 are expected to come out too in the coming days one by one.

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