Funny Valorant Crosshairs 2022 – All New Funny, Unique Crosshair Settings!

Funny Valorant Crosshairs 2022; In Valorant game, Crosshairs will play a major role both in look and skill-wise, so every Valorant player prefers to keep the best Valorant Crosshair settings always. Now we list out the number of awkward, bizarre, and Funny Valorant Crosshairs suggestions for 2022 for you all over here.

Also, these Crosshairs in Valorant will make your opponents impress you, you can impress your opponents in Valorant maybe your crush, or fav players in the duo or squad games of Valorant.

Some Valorant users always tend to copy and flaunt based on the other players’ crosshair settings and features, but here from us the best cool, funny, amusing, and humorous Valorant Crosshairs suggestions are up in a plethora of numbers, do check it down.

Funny Valorant Crosshairs 2022
Funny Valorant Crosshairs 2022

Funny Valorant Crosshairs 2022!

Not only these Valorant Crosshairs are funny, but the Crosshair name itself seems to be funny too.

Sun Valorant Crosshair!

If you haven’t discovered this sun-based crosshair try it out now, the code for the same sun Valorant Crosshair settings is below here


Instagram Crosshair!

This Instagram Valorant Crosshair has been one of the peculiar and unique picks amongst all the Valorant players, try the Instagram Crosshair with its code below here,


Flower Crosshair!

The next weirdo Valorant crosshair pick should be the yellow color-based flower Valorant crosshair,


Shock factor crosshair!

Another unconventional Valorant crosshair, the shock factor Crosshair is basically in dark red color, with the crosshair settings for shock factor are outer line – On, 5 as the outer line length, firing error turned off, the inner line kept on, etc.

Pokeball Crosshair!

One of all the anime and Pokémon players’ favorite Valorant in the game, Pokeball Crosshair is also red in colour, with the inner and outer lines being turned on, firing error multiplier for Pokeball Crosshair is also 1.

Hashtag Crosshair!

One of the eccentric Valorant Crosshairs ever is this hashtag Crosshair, in recent times the hashtag Crosshair has gotten more hype amongst all the Valorant gamers. The hashtag Crosshair’s Valorant crosshair code or hashtag is,


Close Button Crosshair!

Another amusing and funny Valorant crosshair in 2022 is this close button cross hair in white color, the close button Crosshair code on Valorant goes by 0;P;c;7;h;0;d;1;0t;8;0l;2;0o;1;0a;1;0f;0;1t;10;1l;1;1o;2;1a;1;1m;0;1f;0.

Smiley Face Crosshair!

The smiley face Crosshair in Valorant almost comes up with the same yellow-colored design as the smiley emoji or the smiley ball, the smiley ball Crosshair settings can also be customized accordingly on your Valorant game.

More Funny, Unique, and Cool Valorant Crosshairs in Valorant Game 2022!

Apart from the above-mentioned Valorant 2022 unique, funny Crosshairs and their settings, here’s the second set of funny and cool Valorant Crosshairs in 2022 to be used.

Target Acquired, Windmill Crosshairs, The Flappy Bird, Love and Heart Crosshair, Snowball Crosshair in Valorant, Floating Orb, Stay Afloat, Hashtag Fun Crosshair, MS-Paint Eraser Valorant Crosshair, Valorant X crosshair are some of the other best, funny and unique Valorant Crosshairs available in 2022.

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Funny Valorant Crosshairs 2022

Funny Valorant Crosshairs 2022 suggestions from Gaming Acharya are done, try and dish out all these new and funny, unique Valorant Crosshairs styles and settings with their above-mentioned Crosshair codes too.

Some of these funny Valorant Crosshairs are the most used by the players in the last 2 months, we expect more Valorant funny Crosshairs in the upcoming days for 2022.

More suggestions for Valorant crosshair settings will be posted once they are all added in the upcoming days in Valorant 2022. That’s all for all these for more funny Valorant Crosshairs in 2022.

Keep following us for more Valorant crosshair styles and suggestions in 2022. Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for the next article. Follow us for more regular gaming updates and content.

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