How to Join in Free Fire Partner Program in 2022: New Method!

Free Fire Partner Program has been the best and new initiative from Garena, the major highlight of this partner program feature is to promote the Free Fire game and take the game’s growth and success to another level, especially on ff YouTube channels.

Free Fire Partner Program also has certain protocols and prerequisites to join them, also those pro gamers of Free Fire who are actually a part of this newly launched Ff partner program feature will exclusively be getting more access and privilege of getting the Free Fire ING rewards and items completely for free.

Once a player is a part of the partner program from Garena, they may also have a chance at becoming the brand ambassadors of the Free Fire game also scale more heights in their eSports career.

How to Join Free Fire Partner Program?

Free Fire Partner Program

Those Free Fire players with an always active YouTube channel with subscribers of more than 1 lakh, and 75-80% of their last YouTube videos should only be of Garena Free Fire, a cumulative total views of 3 lakh for the last month is a must too.

Free Fire content creators who have the above mentioned criteria should also be posting more ff related content on their other social media pages too, also maintaining integrity, as no fake content of FF are allowed and encouraged by Garena, so all those Free Fire players who aspire to join Esports team and the free fire partner program must meet all of these preludes and only a handful selections are made by the team of Garena Free Fire.

Procedures and Ways to Join Free Fire Partner Program!


The official free fire partner program website/page is this one and applies to the same.

Fill out the particulars about Garena ff over there.

Submit the ff partner program and exit.

Free Fire Partner Program Benefits & Perks!

Free Fire Partner Program

If ever you are getting selected for the Garena ff partner program 2022 by Garena, all these exclusive perks and privileged benefits of Free Fire are all yours,

Many ff ING rewards, unlimited diamonds, advanced ING ff content access, custom cards, reimbursement by Garena ff, ff free redeem codes access to fans and players from Garena, interaction with ff team directly, Garena free fire exclusive merchandise and outfits, free invitations to all the official Garena Free Fire tournaments and Esports live events from 2022, etc.

With many benefits, perks, and amenities from Garena for all the pro ff players of this Free Fire Partner Program feature, Garena has struck the chord so high that, Free Fire will be mounting and scaling more and more heights in the coming months with this ff partner program 2022 launch initiative.

So all those budding, emerging Free Fire folks who are keen on joining this ff partner program and Free Fire YouTube channels, Free Fire Esports teams, it doesn’t get any for you all, keep aspiring and working high, so that you achieve big on Garena Free Fire one day. With this guide on the Free Fire partner program feature, find out the rewards which the FF partner program gives, also the free fire V-badge might be given too along with the other privilege to free fire players.

Applying and Meeting these requirements set by Garena may be easy, but getting selected for Garena ff partner program initiative launch and their team also needs some sheet luck.

Stay tuned for more Garena Free Fire articles and exclusive news from the Gaming Acharya handle. Now you all can easily give yourselves a chance at becoming a part of this Garena Free Fire game’s partner program initiative launch exclusive using our guide.

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