COD Season 8 Battle Pass Leaks, Release Date And Upcoming Operators!

On September 7th, 2022, the most recent COD Season 8 Battle Pass update, Train to Nowhere, will debut. COD Season 8 Battle Pass focuses on espionage and departs from the Ghost In The Shell theme of the previous season.

Players can unlock the additional Igniter Battle Royale class, a Spider Chow Calling Card, Weapon Blueprints, & Operator Skins by leveling up their Battle Pass while acting as double agents. Listed here is all the information you require regarding a COD Season 8 Battle Pass. We will all the updates that come in COD Season 8 Battle Pass.

COD Season 8 Battle Pass Leaks:-

COD Season 8 Battle Pass

A premium COD Season 8 battle pass, that also costs 560 COD Points, or roughly $6 USD, is an option for players. It unlocks the first 25 tiers for 1280 CP as well as costs 560 COD Points. There are new Operators, a brand-new useable weapon, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, & various paid-for and free products, including Season 8’s Battle Pass, available.

Tiers 21 and 14, respectively, unlock each of them. Aside from those already mentioned, this season’s freebies also include a range and camos, weapon blueprints, as well as the Spider Chow Calling Card in Tier 50.

For players who have the COD Season 8 Battle Pass Ground Forces, there are also new skins for the Backpack, Park Double Agent Operator, and AK-47 weapons. The 10% seasonal gains to our Player XP & Weapon XP in addition to price reductions on particular Crate purchases will also be advantageous to us.

COD Season 8 Battle Pass, Release Date:-

The update will be released on September 7, 2022, at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, making the COD Season 8 Battle Pass accessible. The 50-Tier Battle Pass comes with a ton of brand-new Operators. The price of the paid version should range from 220 to 520 CP. Players can also advance by participating there in seasonal challenges to gain more Battle Pass XP, of course.

COD Season 8 Battle Pass

COD Season 8 Battle Pass, Upcoming Operators:-

We can pretend to be a spy in Season 8’s Operation Spy Hunt themed event and get paid for the information we pass along to the base. Gather intelligence through multiplayer or battle royale competitions, use it to uncover enemy spies, and we will be rewarded with items such as the Lerch Gumshoe, GKS Claw, and Charm Servant of Doom.

To assist us in achieving our goal, allied informants will roam around the information board as the event develops. When we intercept information with one side of the informant, we will immediately get credit for information that was intercepted on the other end. Utilize the informants to our advantage to go along more quickly.

Special Task for Battle Royale, We will be entrusted with taking out particular Battle Royale foes while the Operation Spy Hunt event is going on. To obtain more hints, complete the assignment. Gain access to a unique tracking feature that will momentarily ping our target’s location on the map by assisting and eliminating our target Operator during the match. Be prepared for a struggle because they will be notified of their exposed situation.

New Seasonal Challenges for Season 8 include Operator Skins, new Weapon Blueprints, and up to 30,000 Battle Pass XP in the form of awards. Additionally, you’ll have the option to obtain the Spycraft Perk and the brand-new Butterfly Knife Melee weapon, which are ideal for covert spies. For more information, check in-game during the season.

We have a solid notion of the prizes we may anticipate from the Season 8 battle pass thanks to Mobile’s legion of leakers as well as the Train to Nowhere video. Many Operator skins that were previously featured in the mainline games are included in the Season 8 battle pass, such as the Dapper Operator skin for Adler.

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