Sugar Zero Valorant- Sugar Zero Valorant Crosshair Settings, Salary & More!

Do you know this guy Sugar Zero Valorant? Shota Wanabe most probably known by his popular ing Valorant name as Sugar Z3ro is from Japan, sugar zero also constantly plays for Zeta division.

Sugar Zero Valorant!

As Sugar Zero aka Shota Wanabe is a prominent Valorant eSports gamer from Japan, the youngster is just 20 and also wanabe played the rainbow siege game too once.

Shota Wanabe also changed his Valorant name to sugar z3ro after that coco-cola zero ad once. Being a rising Valorant star, shota sugar zero wanabe has a phenomenal number of Valorant tournament wins to date, and shota also earned more than $20,000 to date.

Vct Masters Reykjavik was a major revelation for sugar zero wanabe, the Japanese eSports team Zeta division had put up a splendid performance at this tourney way back.

Sugar Zero Valorant Crosshair Settings

Sugar Zero Valorant

As sugar zero Valorant is known for his in-game settings, crosshair settings, time to see the Valorant cross hair settings of shota wanabe now,

So speaking about this famous sugar seri guy’s Valorant Crosshair ing settings, shota wanabe will always prefer to opt for the green cross hair color, Outlines of wanabe will be, On | 0.715/1.

Also, the center dot and cross hair outer lines of sugar zero in Valorant will be off, 1/2/1/3as crosshair inner lines, and sometimes wanabe also turns off this feature too.

And finally, sugar zero’s movement and firing error will always be off in Valorant.

Sugar Zero – Other Valorant Settings!

Apart from the in-game crosshair settings of shota wanabe, some of sugar wanabe’s other best Valorant ing settings are,

Full-screen display view mode, material and texture quality of very high standards, also sugar zero restricts his UI quality to ultra-low level, Anisotropic Filtering: 8x and Bloom on from sugar zero, sugar zero’s other Valorant ing settings like cast shadows and distortion are always turned off too.

Sugar Zero Valorant Sensitivity Settings!

not only sugar zero’s best valorant ing sensitivity settings are these, but also there other pro valorant gamer’s keep these sensitivity settings for their valorant game too,

in-game sensitivity should be over 0.4, dpi at 800, edpi at 320, polling rate 1000+, windows sensitivity 6+, and also the scoped sensitivity at 1 too.

Sugar Zero Valorant Tournament Achievements, Stats & Salary!

Sugar Zero Valorant

As already told at the VCT 2022: Japan Stage 1 Challengers Playoffs, Sugar Zero and co with their Japanese eSports team Zeta Division, has won this tournament in March 2022 very recently in B-Tier, also VCT 2022: Japan Stage 1 Challengers Week 1 tournament was also won by Zeta Division too.

Sugar zero shota wanabe already has earned more than $20,000 from these Valorant eSports tourneys alone and sugar zero also earns from his YouTube and sugar zero twitch stream channel account’s videos too.

Already a rising global Valorant superstar from Japan, this guy Sugar shota wanabe Zero is making his Valorant counterparts proud by his achievements, sugar zero was also a famous rainbow siege gamer and player once.

Zeta division is scaling more heights just because of this Valorant star sugar zero, the Esports team already known as Jupiter, now this Valorant eSports team Zeta division has become a juggernaut and a household name amongst the other Valorant global teams just because of this one and only guy shota wanabe.

That’s all about Sugar Zero Valorant from this end, all about him like sugar zero best Valorant Crosshair Settings, sugar zero Valorant sensitivity settings, sugar zero Valorant in-game best settings, sugar zero biographies, salary, tournament wins, stats and rewards, sugar zero achievements are all covered over here.

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