All 12 Sumeru Hidden Shop Location in Genshin Impact 3.0!

This post will give you all the information about Sumeru hidden shop location in Genshin Impact. While looking for them can be entertaining in some ways, there are times when we had rather save time and work by making our own.

The New Sumeru hidden shop location inside the region was made available by Genshin Impact 3.0. If we do have enough money to spare, this guide will make it much easier for us to gather ingredients by pointing out all these possible areas for us to explore Sumeru hidden shop location.

Genshin Impact’s Varuna Gatha questline must be completed before accessing the Dream Nursery. Folks can plant the Vasmtri that gather in Sumeru here, transforming the barren farm into a haven for Viparyas.

Around Sumeru, there are a total of 12 location. Finding all of them is not required, however doing so is vital if players want to finish chapter 3 on their Aranyaka. Finding every location of the Sumeru in Genshin Impact is the first step toward completing the task, which will result in a check mark.

First Five Sumeru Hidden Shop Location in Genshin Impact:-

Sumeru hidden shop location in Genshin Impact

The first five Sumeru hidden shop location in Genshin Impact is in Port Ormos Merchants. We will 5 hidden shop in here. To make things simpler, we’ll show us where the Hidden shops are in each area and what important ingredients they sell. Let’s head to one of Port Ormos’s commercial centres first.

1st Hidden Shop: Rama the Merchant of Spices Spice may be purchased in the game by interacting with Rama. This is a useful flavouring component for food and costs about 540 gold.

2nd Hidden Shop: He runs the neighbourhood fish market in Port Ormos. One of the three essential elements for cooking can be purchased directly from the sea by interacting with him. Crab sells for the same price as fish at 240 gold per pound, whereas shrimp meat costs 120 gold per pound.

3rd Hidden Shop: The harbour area is near to Jahangir’s stall. If you wish to take one of his dishes, go there. Orders for Panipuri cost 1725 gold, Masala Cheese Balls cost 2025 gold, and Potato Boats cost 7125 gold. He could also teach us two recipes, the Panipuri Recipe as well as a Recipe in Curry Shrimp, that we might add in our repertoire of culinary skills.

4th Hidden Shop: Qiuwei, the goods merchant, imports priceless stones from Liyue and sells them. We may buy Silk Flower for 1000 gold, Cor Lapis at 1000 gold, Noctilucous Jade at 1000 gold, and Crystal Chunks at 1500 gold right here.

5th Hidden Shop: Older man, Babak, the shop owner Babak sells imports from the area. We can buy Sango Pearls here for 1000 gold, Philanemo Mushrooms here just for 1000 gold, Dandelion Seeds here for 1000 gold, Violetgrass here for 1000 gold, Qingxin here for 1000 gold, Naku Weed here for 1000 gold, etc. This are five of twelve Sumeru hidden shop location in Port Ormos are listed here. Let’s move on and visit the stores in Sumeru City’s capital.

Sixth to Ninth Sumeru Hidden Shop Location in Genshin Impact:-

Next the sixth to Ninth Sumeru hidden shop locations is in Sumeru City Merchants.

6th Hidden Shop: The Fisherwoman Pam can be found by going to the Sumeru City port area. With the addition of one additional thing, seagrass, which we could buy for 240 gold by interacting with her, we could purchase the same components from her that we could from Jangar the fish trader in Ormos Port.

7th Hidden Shop: We can get a wide variety of Sundries at Hamawi. We can purchase Harra Fruit here for 240 gold, Zaytum Peach here for 240 gold, Salt here for 60 gold, Pepper here for 80 gold, Onions here for 80 gold each, Milk here for 100 gold each, Tomatoes here for 120 gold, Cabbage here for 120 gold, Potato here for 120 gold, Wheat here for 100 gold, Rice here for 100 gold, Tofu here for 100 gold, and Shrimp meat here for 120 gold.

8th Hidden Shop: The Adventurer set is on sale through Ashfin. The Adventurer’s Golden Goblet, Adventurer’s Tailfeather, Adventurer’s Bandana, Adventurer’s Flower, and Adventurer’s Pocket Watch may all be purchased here for 2000 gold each.

9th Hidden Shop: Jut a Spice Merchant specialises in Tahchin, that can be purchased at 6600 gold, and Biryani, which can be acquired for 12500 gold, in addition to selling spices, Harra Fruit, and Padisarah.

Tenth and Eleventh Sumeru Hidden Shop Location in Genshin Impact:-

Sumeru hidden shop location in Genshin Impact

We will get the tenth and eleventh Sumeru hidden shop location is in Vanarana Traders.

10th Hidden Shop: Aravinay is a small character who allows us to trade goods for just a forging blueprint. Finish the story quest to obtain pages that we may trade with Aravinay again for new set of weapons that are only available to Sumeru. Tales of a Forest King, the Desert King, the King’s Squire, the Moonlight King, and the Portent King.

11th Hidden Shop: This charming man, Aramani, sells Sunsettia in 170 gold, Harra Fruit at 240 gold, Zaytum Peach on 240 gold, Rukkhashava Mushrooms at 1000 gold, or Kalpalata Lotus for 1000 gold.

The Twelfth And The Last Sumeru Hidden Shop Location in Genshin Impact:-

The last 12th Sumeru hidden shop location is in Gandharva Ville’s Master Chef.

12th Hidden Shop: Master Chef Ashpazi sells us two of the signature meals in addition to condiments. The Delicious Pita Pocket costs 5550 gold, and the Mushroom Hodgepodge costs 1650 gold. Although he doesn’t offer recipes, he will sell us some of his ingredients, like Rukkhashava mushroom price 1000 gold, spice at 540 gold, raw beef for 240 gold, chicken for 240 gold, and raw eggs for 200 gold.

The Sumeru Region’s secret shop names and available goods are all listed here. Knowing where to look for these things can help us save time and effort when looking for them in the wild. They can also be bought at these places for the right price.

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