NBA 2K22 Error Code 49730116: Fix this Now!

NBA 2k22 error code 49730116 is nothing but the error message faced by the players while trying to play the NBA game in my career mode. As per the reports, NBA is now facing errors in various states in the game. According to a source, these errors in the games were caused due to the server problem in the region.

Many players were frustrated due to this error, as because of this players cant able to play their career mode in the game. Also In many cases, players were experiencing this error while updating their deals in my career mode. Many players tried different methods such as rebooting and reinstalling the game, but again this error pop-ups while entering my career mode.

In this article we all are going to see how to fix the NBA error code 49730166:-

What is NBA 2K22 Error Code 49730166:-

NBA 2K22 Error Code 49730116

This is one of the errors faced by the players in the NBA game. When players were trying to play the game in my career mode, the game is not loading and this error indicated a pop-up message that there is an error 49730166. Due to this error, many players were frustrated and seeks the help of websites to solve and fix the error.

Top players around the world had reported this error to the developers and the developers were assured that this error will be fixed as soon as possible.

How to Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 49730116:-

This error, which the players were facing in my career mode can be fixed by 5 methods which include:-

NBA 2K22 Error Code 49730116
Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 49730116

Solution -1:- Declining the offers

The players can see many messages and pop-ups indicating the offers and deals in my career mode. A player should not deal with the offers and should decline them. By doing this, this error can be solved. Many players who decline the offers in my career mode had reported that there isn’t any fix for them in my career mode.

This is not a permanent solution, but a player can avoid the fix of error code 49730166 by declining the offers and rewards in my career mode.

Solution-2:- Updating the Game.

The player has to check that there are any updates for the game. As per the reports, bugs and errors will not occur if the player had updated the game. This is not only for PC players but also for the players who were playing the game through PS4, XBOX ONE, and Nintendo Switch. So every player should check whether any updates were there and should complete it to avoid the error 49730166 in my career mode.

Solution-3:- By Checking whether there is enough space in the Hard Disk for updates.

The player has to check whether there is enough space on the Hard disk for new updates. If there isn’t enough space this sort of error may occur in the gameplay. So a player has to check his hard disk before they update their game. If not so, a player has to change and should update their hard disk.

Solution 4- A player should create only 5 accounts in their game.

According to the reports that if a player exceeds the limit of more than 5 accounts in the game these types of errors may occur in my career mode. So a player should check and confirm whether they create only 5 accounts in their game.

Solution -5:- A player should Verify their account.

A player should verify their account. Many players skipped this step of not confirming the account. This sort of error 49730166 may not be generated by verifying and confirming their accounts in the game.

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