All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location: All Keys Location!

Do you know where to find a Genshin Impact All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location? Genshin Impact has 10 Shrine of Depths in each zone, each housing a Luxurious Chest brimming with prizes. We require the Shrine of Depths key from such an area in order to activate the Shrines and open the chest.

Genshin Impact Version 3.0’s release lets us explore the initial portion of Sumeru, but there are presently just 4 All Sumeru Shrine of Depths location. They are all located here.

Where Is All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location:-

All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location

The All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location of Genshin Impact that is currently known is listed below. North of Sumeru City, on the roof of the Chatrakam Cave. After arriving at the Teleport Waypoint southeast of A Palace of Alcazarzaray, proceed a little distance down the hill in the direction of Sumeru City. On our left, we’ll see the Shrine of Depths.

Near Port Ormos, on a hilltop. The summit of a Shrine of Depths is direct to the west underneath us, and from the Teleport Waypoint at the very top of a hill, we can see it. on the western side of the Dahri Ruins, southwest of Sumeru.

The Shrine of Depths can be seen over the hill to the south if we teleport to a waypoint on the hilltop north of Ruins of Dahri while we are initially exploring the area. Just use Four-Leaf Sigils to cross the surrounding area after activating the Clusterleaf of Cultivation, then go a short distance up the hillside.

Located in the Sumeru region’s northwest, west of Vanarana. We can see the Shrine of Depths from of the Teleport Waypoint southeast, but we’ll need to glide across and climb the slope to reach there. Fortunately, after the hill is unlocked, there is another Teleport Waypoint there.

Keys Of All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location:-

All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location

There is a luxurious loot box with many priceless gifts at each Shrine of Depth. To remove the protection and enter a Shrine in Sumeru normally, we require a key. A Shrine of Depth key can be obtained from two main places in Sumeru, including:

Increase the level 2 and level 4 of the Statue of a Seven in Sumeru. Increase the level 8 and level 18 of the Tree of Dreams in Vanarana. To give to the Statue of Seven, we must locate as many Dendroculus sites as we can in Sumeru. There could be 108 Dendroculi living in this country.

Where Are The Keys Of All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Locations?

All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location is not listed in any particular order, allowing us to pick up anyone else and find them as long as we have the access keys. We want you to share the full walkthrough with us.

The All Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location is visible from the Teleport Route, which is roughly south of The Castle of Alcazarzaray. Then, proceed to the peak of Chatrakam Cave, which is to the north of Sumeru City. After that, slowly make our way down the slope for just a short distance.

We could see the Shrine of Depths if users teleport to a waypoint here on a hilltop north of the Ruins of Dahri, which is over the hill to the south. When activating a Clusterleaf of Cultivation, it is strongly advised that we employ Four-Leaf Sigils to navigate the region.

One can roughly follow the location of this access key towards the northwest of a Sumeru region, west of Vanarana. The all Sumeru Shrine of Depths Location is visible from the Teleport Waypoint in the southeast, but we must glide across a gap and climb a slope to get there.

This shine can be found in Port Ormos, straight up on a hill. So, if there are any game bugs, we’ll all be able to detect them quite quickly. Even closer still is where the teleport access point was situated. If we cast our eyes to our left, we can view the shrine’s peak with ease.

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