Graven Innocence Event Genshin Impact: Which Quest We Complete First?

There is Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact, players can now obtain the Sprout of Rebirth herself as a free Collei. She is a 4-Star Dendro bow user who really can unlock her first Constellation, which will grant some much-appreciated buffs, with the help of an additional unit.

On the banners for Tighnari and Zhongli, Collei is one of the highlighted 4-Star characters. But on a special occasion that was included with the Version 3.0 release, Collei is freely accessible. The Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact can be accessed right away.

What Is This Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact?

Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact

Helping the two toymakers as part of the mission opens up additional opportunities for Traveler and Paimon. These include two competitions dubbed Grove Dash & Braving the Elements, as well as studying and photographing Sumerian animals for the purpose of finding inspiration. These will become unlocked after a few days. What it entails will have to be determined later.

Visit our central location for information on Version 3.0 and upcoming developments in the Sumeru region for additional Genshin Impact content. Version 3.1 has already sparked a lot of speculation.

How To Complete Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact?

To complete the Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact quest we have to unlock some elements. Visitors can go to the display and put together an Aranara Woodcarving using Carving Components. And from Snapshot’s difficulties, they can get Whimsical Drafts.

To get the carving, we have to either want whimsical drafts and we have to exchange that in the event store. To receive Whimsical Drafts and Creative Notes, complete this assignment. These two things can also be traded for rewards in the event store section by travelers.

Traveler must combat the Electro Regisvine & Jadeplume Terrorshroom inside the wild while exploring Sumeru. Travelers must adhere to the predetermined route and gather Adventure Coins within the allotted time during the Grove Dash challenge.

To move past this stage, complete the Meticulous Craftsmanship plot quest. The most recent world quest for such Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact is available now. After finishing this mission, travelers can ask Collei to join their group.

First Complete This Quest In Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact:-

Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact

It is advised that we finish a few prerequisite missions before attempting to select this Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact quest. The Traveler is introduced to Sumeru and the jungle where Tighnari and Collei live in a quest before the one with the specific name Silent Seeker of Knowledge. These can take a few hours to complete, but they will transport the Traveler to Port Ormos, the location of the Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact.

We can skip the suggested missions and jump right into the Graven Innocence event, however, some characters might not be present. As a result, we can gradually lose some immersion & lore. The occasion offers the Traveler the chance to interact with several fresh characters and enjoy a guided tour of Sumeru City.

How To Get Collei In The Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact?

Go to Port Ormos and choose the Graven Innocence event Genshin Impact from the events menu to start it. If that portion of the map is still restricted, we’ll have to spend time exploring it first.

We can find two Sumeru toy manufacturers named Fayez and Mamdouh at the quest marker. They’ll set us on a mission to track down an accomplished writer, which will take us back to Gandharva Ville.

After this, we are technically not required to continue the quest, although doing so will get us additional goodies such primogems, mystic ore, or XP materials. At least one Crown of Insight will be given to us as well.

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