All Lokapala Jungle Seelie Locations in Genshin Impact 3.0!

All Lokapala Jungle Seelie Locations Genshin Impact from Gaming Acharya are here. There are a total of 53 Seelie gadgets in the new sumeru,

but the lokapala jungle Seelie alone has 16-17 in the new Genshin Impact 3.0 sumeru region,all the Seelie are at mawtiyima forest, the next at chatrakam cave, one at underground tunnel near the munlin, rest at the lokapala jungle area.

All Lokapala Jungle Seelie Locations Genshin Impact!

All Lokapala Jungle Seelie Locations

So launch the final chapter world quests first, then reach mawtiyima forest, go through the tunnels first, then the final chapter quest guide begins, thereby it also helps to finish and find all the lokapala jungle Seelie spots near the mawtiyima. Using the barbara, clean up the pollution caused by withering at first, then go through the hills of mawtiyima.

Then reach the Seelie cave to find one of the Seelie over there. The mawtiyima forest jungle has the best new Seelie, then next at the bamboo trees of mawtiyima, go locate another Seelie.

Then proceed to avidya forest, to find out the next lokapala jungle Seelie, and then move on to the chatrakam cave to find two more Seelie gadgets over here.

Then travel through the chatrakam underground tunnel and after the sea spot, there is the next Seelie. Then the chasm spot, has two more Seelie.

More Lokapala Jungle Seelie Locations!

Further you may go to mawtiyima forest for locations of the next Seelie, before finally moving yourselves to lokapala jungle to find out the rest of the 16 Seelie over there.

So this new lokapala of sumeru in Genshin Impact 3.0 has over 16 Seelie, although the balance seelie are only available at the sub areas of lokapala jungle, the palace of alcazarzaray, chatrakam cave, mawtiyima forest, mawtiyima tunnel and underground, the hills of lokapala jungle and forest it the lokapala will have more hidden Seelie to be explored.

Lokapala Jungle Seelie!

All Lokapala Jungle Seelie Locations

Mostly the lokapala jungle Seelie is seen in the underground tunnels and caves, behind the bamboo trees, near chests and treaures of lokapala jungle, or as a puzzle quests at the same lokapala, sumeru.

Though the liyue also holds this Seelie gadgets on Genshin 3.0, the lokapala jungle Seelie gadgets always have the best effect and abilities.

When you start exploring the lokapala jungle at sumeru, the Seelie are sometimes hidden as a treasure, some are at the lokapala caves and forests, and the chests and puzzles of lokapala jungle will provide some more Seelie gadgets.

If you only get a less amount of Seelie at lokapala jungle in sumeru, then mawtiyima, liyue, devantaka mountains, chatrakam caves are always your go to spots for the rest of the Seelie which are totally 50+ in the new Genshin Impact 3.0 update.

Barbara and Collei with Zhongli will accompany with you to expore and search for the rest of the lokapala jungle Seelie gadgets, use the dendron effects and fight some of the archons and enemies on your way, when they obstruct you from finding the Seelie at lokapala jungle, sumeru.

As the Seelie gadgets are worthy and at the same time hidden at lokapala jungle in sumeru, searching at all the lokalapa jungle spots will at least give you around 10-12 Seelie.

Balance seelie in Genshin Impact 3.0 are available at chatrakam cave, underground tunnels at mawtiyima forest, liyue and the chasm. But this lokapala jungle Seelie gadgets are always useful,

With this, all the locations of lokapala jungle Seelie are given. Apart from lokapala jungle, find the major Genshin Impact 3.0 Seelie gadgets at the other areas also, like liyue, munlin, chatrakam, mawtiyima forest etc. Stay tuned for more Genshin Impact 3.0 articles and guide.

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