How to Claim Justin Bieber Emote Free Fire?

How to claim Justin Bieber emote free Fire Max for free? As Garena celebrates its 5th successful anniversary event, Free Fire Max has now collaborated with the world famous pop singer and superstar Justin Beiber now.

How to claim Justin Bieber emote free?

Claim Justin Bieber Emote Free Fire

The new collaboration from Garena Free Fire x Justin Beiber is already underway since 27th Aug 2022. The major highlight of ff x Justin Beiber is that Garena planned to organize an in-game Justin Beiber concert for gamers.

J. Biebs Reunite the world trailer glimpse has already gotten a rousing reception and paved way for Garena Free Fire to launch Bieber inspired grove emotes for their 5th successful anniversary event now.

Now both the Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max gamers can have the chance at acquiring the groove move emotes in game, as the groove move emotes have already been dedicated to Justin Beiber, now you all ff gamers may acquire it.

Steps to Claim Justin Bieber Emote Free Fire!

Firstly several in-game events and also watching live the Justin Bieber concert on Free Fire Max provides you with the option of claiming Justin Bieber characters and emotes.

Claim Justin Bieber Emote Free Fire

So to get the groove moves Justin Bieber emote in Free Fire for free,

  1. Launch Free Fire Max game,
  2. Select the 5th Anniversary Event tab
  3. Proceed to Login Rewards Crate then,
  4. Then the Justin Bieber Groove Moves Emote with logo appears,
  5. Then finally equip the Justin Bieber completely for Free in Free Fire Max game.

Some other rewards on the 5th anniversary Free Fire Max event include the, Beautiful Love Concert Car Skin, new exclusive Justin Bieber character, surfboard skins, 5X incubator vouchers, free custom cards and etc.

More on Free Fire x Justin Bieber Collaboration! 

Apart from the Justin Bieber Moves Emote, the other Justin Bieber skins and characters will only be available after finish the new Free Fire Max event quests like,

Heroes Capsule Event, also lighting up all the boxes in one event to exclusively get a new Justin Bieber character. 

Tokens, limited time gold voucher, bonfire, loot crate, new scanner, hover skyboard skin, gold royale voucher are some of the other new Free Fire Max x Justin Bieber concert event rewards apart from the actual Justin Bieber Groove dance emotes and the justin bieb characters too.

About the Justin Bieber Emote!

The justin bieber emote is exclusively available but only for sometime for all the Free Fire and Free Fire Max gamers, these groove moves emotes as an inspiration to Justin Bieber from Garena is completely available for free from the 5th anniversary event on Garena FF Max game.

How to Claim Justin Bieber emote for free in Garena free fire is absolutely easy guide over here, we’re unsure how long the Free Fire x Justin Bieber concert is being held. Garena has been Proactive at bringing on new Free Fire collaborations and updates to the game, now with Justin Bieber the free fire game has been taken to the next level with massive reach and hype apart.

So all those free fire and Justin Bieber fans worldwide, get on the justin bieb character and dance emote now for free by completing the free fire 5th year anniversary event. Stay tuned for more news on Free Fire x Justin Bieber in-game concert news.

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