Star Citizen How to Find Area 18 Landing Zone

Star Citizen is an upcoming space simulator that has been in development for more than one decade, and there is still no clear launch date, all thanks to its massive scale and space mechanics like never before. It is developed by Cloud Imperium Games under the direction of Christ Roberts. The final version will feature four gameplay modes. It is a first-person shooter and massively multiplayer online game, which you can play right now, although it won’t be the full version.

What is Area 18?

Star Citizen

Area 18 acts as the hub of commercial ports for traffic from all the planets near the ArcCopr region. Travelers usually visit Area 18 to buy items that they need. This area features shops of trusted brands as well as local shopkeepers. It is a relatively noisy area given that a new shop lands or take off every minute or two. It is a very secure area given its popularity and the number of transactions that happen here every day. ArcCorp wasn’t able to manage the security of the area, so they hired a private security firm called BlacJac Security to keep things under control.

You will need a lot of Star Citizen AUEC here, so make sure to check your inventory before going there. It is a real game, and you can’t just restart the game to solve any problems. If you are in Area 18 and face an issue here, you have to go to the nearby office of the local UEE advocate to share details with them and get things sorted out. You can find some of the best stores here, including Dumper’s Depot, et cetera, Abernathy, Casaba, CenterMass, etc. Below are districts of area 18 that you can visit and detailed info about each district.

ArcCorp Plaza

In Area 18, ArcCorp Plaza is the main plaza that you will enter after getting off the City flight transit from the spaceport. You can anywhere you want in Area 18 through this plaza. When you reach the center of the plaza, you will see a floating sculpture of the famous Memphis Avery. It is placed there to showcase the aesthetic and industrial motto of ArcCopr.

Zone 1

Zone 1 is the smallest section compared to all the other zones and features a variety of different stores. You can buy clothing items from the famous Casaba outlet or upgrade your armor and weapons from the Cubby blast weapon store in Zone 1. If you are planning to stay here for long, go to the Adira Falls apartments and rent a unit.

Zone 2

Zone 2 is all about ships as it features the biggest parts store to help you repair the ship. If you have got Star Citizen AUEC, meet a ship dealer in zone 2 and buy your dream ship. The spaceship dealer is named Astro Armada, while the parts store is named Dumper’s Depot. You can enter this zone by going behind the Adira Falls building. This is the go-to route for shuttles that transport passengers from the spaceport to other areas of the city.

Zone 3

Zone 3 is the smallest compared to other zones, and you will find all the small businesses there, along with the G-loc bar.

How to find Area 18 Landing zone?

How to find Area 18 Landing zone

Before finding the Area 18 landing zone, you first have to quantum jump from your current location to a nearby location. After reaching there, start your final approach in the city where Area 18 is located. No matter what you do, you will begin on either side of the city, and there is good news for you if you start from the first side. Compared to the second side, the first side is very easy, and you will be able to reach the Riker memorial spaceport in no time at all.

When you reach near the ground, you will notice an arrow-like shape on the ground along with some moving traffic nearby, but don’t worry as you can land effortlessly. When you reach the tarmac, the notification to help you contact the air traffic control of the Riker memorial will appear. Sometimes, you will end up in an area where you can’t find the tarmac at all. In such a situation, set the heading of your spaceship to two hundred and sixty and fly over those tall buildings in the middle of the city. As soon as you pass those buildings, you will be able to see the tarmac of the spaceport.

How to Land at Area 18?

When you find the spaceport at the Riker memorial, go near the ground and press F11 from your keyboard to request for landing. Sometimes officials at the spaceport don’t accept requests but don’t worry and try again. If this doesn’t work, try turning the face of your spaceship downwards and request the landing again.

Within a few seconds, a pad will open for you. As soon as the pad opens, a green circle will appear on the pad, indicating that it is your pad and you have to land there. Remember to note down your pod number as you have to retrieve the ship again manually.

How to leave Area 18?

Now that you have bought what you needed, it is time to say goodbye to Area 18 and continue on your space exploration mission. To leave the area, go to the Riker memorial spaceport and retrieve your spaceship from the vehicle retrieval consoles. Select the ship from the console and go to the main waiting area on the left side.

Find the elevator to reach the hanger area. When you reach the hanger, your ship will be waiting for you there, and you just have to fly to your next generation. Star Citizen is massive in all aspects, and you never know what you will run out of AUEC; MMOpixel is your go-to platform to buy the in-game currency as well as ships.

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