Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee Weapon in Fortnite – Quest Guide!

Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee Weapon Fortnite has been unleashed by Epic Games today on 12th week seasonal quest.

As many Fortnite guns and snipers are always being used for quests and challenges, now this Melee pickaxe weapon is required for Fortnite’s week 12 quests.

Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee Weapon – Guide!

Eliminating the opponents with a melee weapon
Eliminating the opponents with a melee weapon in Fortnite

How to Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee Weapon Fortnite guide from our GA experts follows over here. Just take out the Pickaxe melee and scout for immediate opponents for this Fortnite mission, after eliminating your opponent with the melee weapon will grant you 15K XP in return.

Eliminate an enemy with a melee pickaxe in Fortnite Vibin will be done in two parts of the gaming modes, either try to eliminate them on Fortnite’s traditional Battle Royale mode or through the unconventional Fortnite Team Rumble gaming mode.

How to Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee Weapon Quest Guide on Fortnite!

As eliminating and defeating your Fortnite counterparts with the melee pickaxe is done on the 2 prominent Fortnite gaming modes,

Locate yourselves to any of your favorite Fortnite spot locations, the land slowly, and closely watch through your opponents before getting ready to eliminate them using the melee.

Time is only limited to eliminate the opponents with the melee, okay now use your melee pickaxe and start bashing your opponents till they get drained, till they collapse and get eliminated too eventually.

But keep it in your mind that, when you use the melee to attack them, they might tussle back at you, and eventually you may not eliminate your opponents with their counter attacks.

Just eliminate any of the available opponents till they are down using your pickaxe melee weapon and get on away with the 15,000 XP reward too.

Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee in the Team Rumble Fortnite Gaming Mode!

Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee Weapon

The above mentioned procedures to eliminate Opponent with melee were for the regular Fortnite battle royale mode, if you wish to eliminate the same set of opponents with the melee in the team rumble gaming mode,

Just do the same and pick an epic rarity Pickaxe melee for this team rumble mode now, once again timing is very very limited to eliminate your opponent in the team rumble gaming mode too, with the melee pickaxe weapon.

Eliminate an Opponent with a Melee Fortnite!

And eliminate the opponents with melee weapons quest actually has 2 melee weapons apart from the gaming modes in Fortnite too,

the new Darth Vader Light Saber has also been an integral part of Fortnite’s Melee weapons list too, but getting the light saber melee is a bit difficult the effect and damage the light saber holds have always been higher than that of Fortnite’s pickaxe melee weapon.

So just go with the Fortnite’s battle royale mode and also alongside the pickaxe melee weapon to finish and complete eliminate the opponent with a melee Fortnite week 12 seasonal quest today and get the coveted 15k XP too as your reward for the Successful completion.

That’s all and the guide for Eliminating the opponents with a melee weapon pickaxe on Fortnite from GA has been done. Get the instantly obtainable 15000 XP as the reward for the completion with the melee weapon.

Stay tuned to us for more Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 week 12 challenges guide. Keep following our handle for more exclusive gaming articles and guides.

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