Dislodge Runaway Boulders Fortnite: Complete First Of Nine Challenges Of Week 12!

Dislodge Runaway Boulders is one of the nine challenges in Fortnite Week 12 Challenges Chapter 3 Season 3. Players only need to Dislodge runaway boulders or push them aside by demolishing their bases, as one would have inferred from the task’s name. This should end our task because it will roll away from the spot. It could be a little difficult to finish the challenge because we must do it three times.

Get In The Baller To Dislodge Runaway Boulders 

Finding a Baller is the first need of this challenge, to Dislodge Runaway Boulders to do so, we should go to the Rave Cave on the west side of a Fortnite map. Although Ballers are common all around the Rave Cave, we should stay away from the people on the roller coaster tracks. This is due to the fact that we will lose valuable time trying to maneuver our Baller off the tracks.

Dislodge Runaway Boulders
Dislodge Runaway Boulders

The huge purple bear head that looms over the Rave Cave is the best site to locate a Baller off of the beaten path. Because it will be simpler to get there while gliding and we’re more likely to discover a Baller there, we advise visiting this site early in a match.

If none of the Ballers remain within the head, proceed to the west side of a Rave Cave, where one can be found along the southern bank of a small river. Obviously, if another player hasn’t already claimed it.

How To Dislodge Runaway Boulders?

It’s time to Dislodge Runaway Boulder once we have climbed in a Baller, but we must first locate one. If we manage to get our Baller into the Rave Cave’s enormous bear head, cautiously plunge off the ledge where the Ascender is attached. Once we have done that, roll down the mountain’s west side and a Runaway Boulder will soon be perched next to a ledge.

We advise rolling directly up to Dislodge Runaway Boulder before the boost in order to move it. In this way, we will have a better chance of hitting the boulder and, ideally, moving it right away. Now, all we have to do to Dislodge Runaway Boulders tumbling down the mountain is perform a boost but also hit it.

Is There Only One Boulder To Dislodge?

If the Rave Cave’s Runaway Boulder has already been moved, we can find a replacement towards the eastern end of the lake, just north at Reality Falls. If the boulder mentioned above has been already moved, the Baller should have enough strength to reach this one. We only need to move one Runaway Boulder to finish this Fortnite challenge.

Dislodge Runaway Boulders
Dislodge Runaway Boulders

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact place in which we will be able to find these the other locations to Dislodge runaway boulders because their spawn is not fixed. However, the greatest spot to find these stones is probably on cliffs because there is where they are typically found. These are the following locations we can find the boulder to Dislodge Runaway Boulders.

• Rave Cave

• Reality Falls

• Coney Crossroads

• Logjam Lumberyard

Following the discovery of a runaway boulder, we must perform the subsequent chore of removing or destroying it. Depending on our preference, we can select one of the two, and that decision will determine the approach we should pursue. Use our pickaxe to strike the runaway boulder repeatedly until it crumbles if you wish to destroy it. We will be able to break it eventually, even if it takes a few blows.

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Dislodge Runaway Boulders

Instead, we must strike the object’s base if we want to move it. This will eventually cause it to crack, at which point the boulder will begin to tumble down the cliff. Both of these approaches should allow us to finish the challenge.

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