Destiny 2 Power Level Glitch: Caused By Heavy Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2 Power Level Glitch makes a player easily attain the 750th Power Level without grinding. One of the Destiny 2 players himself posted the video of him reaching the 750th power level without grinding due to the glitch. The Title season of the Destiny which started a few weeks back was named Destiny 2: The queen of Sorrow, many players who eagerly waited for this level was now, even more, happier due to the glitch in the power level.

In this article, we all going to see about the Destiny 2 Power Level Glitch.

What Is the New Power Level Glitch in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Power Level Glitch

The title season of the game Destiny 2 named the Queen of sorrow was started. Many players around the world were eagerly waiting for this season. After the beginning of the new season, A player uploaded a Video on YouTube that portrays the Glitch in the game by which he can able to acquire the 750th Power cap without Grinding, Also he had a 15,000 Infamy Rank due to the glitch. This set of glitches was also experienced by two to three players around the world, they also posted the status of their glitch on Youtube. This became viral now.

From the start of the season, every player’s Infamy Rank will be reset and reduced to Zero, but the player who had first posted the glitch had reported that his Infamy was not reset and he had the same Infamy Rank in which he finished his previous season. He tries to reset the Infamy Rank but he had reached around 15,000 Infamy Rank, which is the top most Infamy Rank and the player had gained the 750th Cap position in the game. Many game analytics had mentioned that the players whose Infamy Rank was not reset after the new season were said to be facing the glitch.

This glitch is exciting among a few players but many players were not happy with the glitch, as this helps to reach the maximum opulence level it affects other players who battle with those players. The player had also mentioned that the glitch can’t able to fix. Till now only a few people have reported the glitch but if this glitch was faced by many players around the world, it may become a hectic situation for the developer team.

Destiny 2 Power Level Glitch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Destiny 2 and Power Level Glitch:-

Whether All the players facing the Destiny 2 Power Level Glitch?

Only a Few players reported about the glitch on Social media. Not all the players but only a few players were facing the Destiny 2 Power level glitch.

How to fix the Destiny 2 Power Level Glitch?

Still, there aren’t any updates from the Developers about the Glitch. As of now, there wasn’t any way to fix the glitch.

Destiny 2: Can I buy Annual Pass content individually?

No there isn’t any other way to buy the special contents such as Black Armory, Joker’s Wild, and Penumbra. These characters and contents will be obtained only by the Annual Pass.

How do you get a 1550 Power cap in Destiny 2?

A player can reach the 1500 Power Cap by completing the following missions:-
1) by Completing 8 Vanguard Bounties
2)By Completing 8 Crucible Bounties
3) By completing 8 Gambit Bounties
4)By completing 8 Gunsmith Bounties
5) By Completing Nightfall Strikes
6)By Wining 7 Rounds in the Survival Crucible Playlists.
7) By Gaining the Throne World Reputation with Fynch.
8) By Completing 2 Altars of Reflection.
9) By Reaching Tier 2 Rankings in the Glory Crucible Playlist.
10 By Reaching Tier 3 in the Vault of Glass Raid.

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