Map Fragments Destiny 2- How to Get?

Map Fragments Destiny 2 are the new currencies launched by Bungie, from the exclusive new Destiny 2 season 18 Season of the Plunder.

The major use of these map Fragments in Destiny 2 will be to craft some new treasure maps which will help you all to earn more seasonal loot in Destiny 2.

Now the question without any doubt is how to get map Fragments in Destiny 2 season 18, firstly one must accomplish all the new Ketchcrash activites from the new season of Plunder. Finish it by defeating the last boss over here also at the H.E.L.M

The ketchcrash challenges of Destiny 2 season 18 will grant you over 10 new map Fragments, which will be highly effective to use more loot in the season of Plunder.

Map Fragments Destiny 2 – How to Get?

Map Fragments Destiny 2

As told only these ketchcrash activities and challenges on the new Destiny 2 season of the Plunder give away the option of getting the map fragment currency from today.

Tussle and battle hard against the eramis captain from the ship Combat, once the ketchcrash activities drop on the new map fegamen, blend them on with the treasure coordinates now in order to craft the treasure maps.

And also from season 18 in Destiny 2, the treasure maps will be your only go to option to get Seasonal loot and also the seasonal gears too.

The treasure maps guide you to the expedition challenges on Destiny 2 season 18 to get the seasonal gears.

How to Get Map Fragments in Destiny 2? 

All you must know about the ketchcrash activities is that they have around 6 players per team mode, so take on your powerful force and guardians in Destiny 2 new 18th season now, to get all these map Fragments easily.

Successful accomplishment of the ketchcrash challenges will reward you with 10 or 11 or sometimes even 12 map Fragments into your Destiny 2 new inventory for this season.

Also, some Destiny 2 players have had the issues of not getting the map fragments after the ketchcrash activities were completed on Destiny 2 season 18 today. I Hope Bungie finds ways and resolved these technical bugs and issues related to the map fragments promptly and quickly.

Also, the ketchcrash activities only grant you the map fragments, as they don’t give away the seasonal gears, as seasonal gears are completely upon your successful ketchcrash activities completion and accomplishment

Use the map fragments to carve the seasonal gears by the creation of treasure maps in Destiny 2 season of the Plunder.

Easy Steps and Ways to Acquire the Map Fragments!

Map Fragments Destiny 2

So go on to the ketchcrash activities now in Destiny 2, assist the drifter to get on their stolen goods and products, have an interaction at the last city along with the spider in Eliksni Quarter area by going through the H.E.L.M.

Then also make sure to accomplish all the ketchcrash six person challenges by beating the boss to finally acquire the map fragment currencies onto your Destiny 2 inventory account.

That’s the easy and entire guide to get the map fragments in Destiny 2 season of Plunder which starts today. Apart from map Fragments in season 18, many new things of Destiny 2 plunder season are there to explore.

But get the basic map fragments currencies using this guide on how to get map Fragments in Destiny 2 now. Getting the map Fragments is quite easier now on Destiny 2. Stay tuned for more guides.

With season 18 begun officially for all the Destiny 2 gamers, Bungie planned to commemorate it in some style, stay tuned for more exclusive Destiny 2 updates from here.

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