How to Use Seabreeze Gachapon Coin Tower Of Fantasy?

How to Use Seabreeze Gachapon Coin Tower of Fantasy? The new Summer Sea Breeze Event of Tower Of Fantasy has been happening, which has many rewards including this Seabreeze Gachapon coins too.

Summer Seabreeze Event Gachapon Coins!

After getting the Gachapon coins, let’s see here how to use the same Seabreeze Gachapon Coins in the Tower of Fantasy.

How to Use Seabreeze Gachapon Coin Tower Of Fantasy

Once after logging on to the new summer Seabreeze event in Tower of Fantasy, daily you will be getting around 400 dark crystals, 5 Seabreeze Gachapon coins and finally the 10 red nucleus. Tower Of Fantasy provides you with all these from 22nd to 29th aug only.

These Tower of Fantasy limited time rewards from summer seabreeze, supply run, login bonus bounty rewards are limited now, the major use of these Gachapon coins in Tower Of Fantasy is to buy the other outfits, cloth , icons of this summer seabreeze event.

Also other outfits and items of Tower of Fantasy like the new summer outfit seaside vacation, special voucher items, gold nucleus, salty waves, kitty coast, summer stream, gold, weapon augment kitbox are all available throughout this summer seabreeze event and use the seabreeze Gachapon coins too to buy em all.

How to Use Seabreeze Gachapon Coin Tower Of Fantasy? – Use Gachapon Coins to Get These Items Now!

How to Use Seabreeze Gachapon Coin Tower Of Fantasy

The first use of these Seabreeze Gachapon coins should be for the Gachapon event on the summer seabreeze event from Tower of Fantasy. These Gachapon coins smell salty of the sea breeze and waves.

Then you must use the Gachapon coins of this summer seabreeze event to get your favourite summer clothing outfit, gold nucleus, fav icons, cloth, voucher, salty waves, kitty coast and a lot more.

A person can all also get these Gachapon coins by spending some dark crystals, but it’s completely a waste of expense on Tower of Fantasy, as the summer SeaBreeze event itself gives the Gachapon coins as a freebie now.

A maximum of 100 Gachapon Coins are available per gamer in Tower Of Fantasy throughout this awesome summer seabreeze vacation event 2022 now.

Now, you may all use on these Gachapon coins for these purposes during this Summer SeaBreeze event in the game.

As Tower Of Fantasy will also hold this summer seabreeze event around for 6 more days, many purposes of this Gachapon coins, and other items will be known once the Seabreeze event progresses further in the game.

Gachapon Coins & Other Summer Seabreeze Event Deets!

Apart from the Gachapon event and Gachapon coins uses in the game, the summer seabreeze event has another challenge named the star gates, the guide to complete the star gates in Tower of Fantasy summer seabreeze event is to,

the Stargate system challenge will be having their appearance on the map, as six major stat gates for the summer seabreeze event will take place for now.

Scout the star gates on Tower of Fantasy map by using this unique blue icon and go towards all the star gates and finding the star gate system challenges of this summer seabreeze event and it’s not easier too.

How to Use Seabreeze Gachapon Coin Tower Of Fantasy article guide is down with this now, the use of summer Seabreeze event’s Gachapon coins, how to finish the star gates challenges, guide to finish all the summer seabreeze event challenges with tips on Tower of Fantasy, all the summer seabreeze event rewards are all mentioned over here.

Stay tuned with us for more Tower of Fantasy and this summer seabreeze event quest guide from our end. Now use the Gachapon event coins on Tower of Fantasy till they stay in the game. Follow us for more exclusive quests guide.

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