Tower Of Fantasy 2.0: New Map, Character and APK Link

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 is one of the famous fantasy adventures game developed and released by Hotta Studio. This game has acquired lots of fans around the world and has obtained more than 10+ Million Downloads worldwide. This game has a unique fan base.

The interesting and adventure gameplay is one of the Key factors for the unique fan base. Recently the developers have released the updated version of the game named Tower of Fantasy 2.0. This updated version is a recent addition for gamers.

In this article, we all going to see about the game Tower of Fantasy 2.0.

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Characters:-

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0

The characters of Tower of Fantasy 2.0 has a separate fan base. Each character portrayed in the game has a unique set of fans. The Tower of fantasy characters is collectively named Simulacra. This game contains more than 20+ characters with special skills and characteristics. Each character portrays their role according to their past stories. Some of the main characters were as follows.

1) Ene also known as Oraphin- This character portrays the role of the first combat military leader who acquires the right to live as a human. This character’s main weapon is named a Pummeler which is nothing but an ice shell hammer.

2) Echo- This character is one of the finest women characters, who portrays the role of a woman destroying evil and spreading good things among the human race. This character’s main weapon is Thunderous Halberd which is also known as Volt Halberd.

3) Pepper also termed Pei Pei- Pepper is one of the important characters, who is educated and does treatment for the patients affected. The main role of this character is to protect the people getting affected by diseases. This character’s main weapon is known as the Staff of Scars also termed as Volt Staff.

4) Hilda- This character is one of the kind-hearted characters all the people in her territory love her a lot. She has the potential to destroy the enemies and also to safeguard the people who love her. This character’s main weapon is known as Terminator which is nothing but an ice shell chained gun.

5) Bai Ling- This character is the leader of the HT201 Shelter in the game. Soldiers under her work only for her command. She ensures the protection of the people in her shelter. This character’s main weapon is known as Nightingale’s feather which is nothing but a Grievous bow.

The other main characters in this game were Nemesis, Zero also known as Rei, Huma also known as Schumer, Tsubasa also known as Hane, Shiro, King, Cocoritter, Claudia, and Crow also known as Karasuma, Meryl, and Samir also known as Semir. All these characters have their role and their own past story.

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Changes:-

The recent changes that the game had gone through after the update were

1) A player can change and alter their Character according to their comfort.

2) A player can Change the audio translation according to their comfort, which was not available in the previous version of the game.

3) More number of Emotion characters were added according to the Player Expectations.

4) The bugs faced by the players in the previous version of the game were fixed in the latest update.

5) Some of the difficulties of the Player’s mission were reduced according to the player’s level.

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Tier List:-

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0

The Player’s gameplay level varies according to the tier level in this game. The top Tier Levels were:-

1) Cocoritter
2) King
3) Nemesis

And there were three more tier Levels which were classified into A, B, and C levels.

Weapon Setup Guide: Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Apk Download:-

The major category of weapons that every player expected to use was named as SSS Category. This category of weapons causes great damage to the Enemies. The second Potent is the other category of weapons that causes moderate damage to the enemies. This level of weapons is not efficient as SSS Category.

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