All the Hardest Supply Pods Location in Tower of Fantasy

Are you all now looking for all the hardest supply pods location in Tower of Fantasy? Then let’s here explore the supply pods location of Tower Of Fantasy now using this Hardest Supply Pod Tower of Fantasy guide.

In the Tower of Fantasy game, there are a total of around 48 supply pods to explore from the map regions like aesteria, Banges, astra, king of echos, barrenstown, and crimson pillars. Some of these supply pods are hidden, hardest within all these Tower of Fantasy locations.

Speaking about the hardest pods, 26 of them are said to be hidden around the Astra region of the Tower of Fantasy. Also, the hykros tower doesn’t seem to be holding any supply pods now.

All one need to do to get the hardest supply pods will be to explore all of the map regions of Tower Of Fantasy game surrounding around Astra and Aesteria as the major locality spots.

Where to get Hardest Supply Pods Tower of Fantasy?

hardest supply pods location

As told firstly locate to aesteria of Tower Of Fantasy, level 49 on the game is a must to obtain the hardest supply pods now.

Some have even gotten the supply pods with a level of 43, but the 49th level is a must on the Tower Of Fantasy game to be able to get the hardest supply pods easily for now.

At aesteria search for some hidden supply pods, near the walls or even on the roof, and have an interaction with the guards regarding the supply pods location over there. Make sure to climb the walls of aesteria to look for the hardest supply pods.

More Hardest Supply Pods Location and Guide!

As Astra region of Tower Of Fantasy has had around 26 hidden supply pods Outta the total 48 ones, going to Astra region near the shelter and getting those hardest Supply Pods is not an uphill task.

Climb the walls, go over the tree and water regions at Astra and find out all the hardest and available supply pods over there now.

Climb up, find out the supply pods and return back to the gate of Astra now, then try the search at hykros tower regions for some. Hykros tower spots have always been the toughest for the supply pods of Tower of Fantasy game over the week.

If not available over there, then look at all the banges sea regions, north banges, south banges, shelter area, crimson pillars, barrenstown, and king of echos for the hardest pods in Tower Of Fantasy then.

hardest supply pods location

Hardest Supply Pods!

The hardest supply pods of a minimum of 5 are easily gettable by exploring these Astra and Aesteria regions of the game, 26 hidden supply pods at Astra spots are easily identifiable now.

Also before proceeding to the hardest pods in Tower of Fantasy, your ING level of Tower Of Fantasy level 49 is a must and mandatory, only then you may finish this hardest supply pods quest challenges now.

So also with that aesteria, Astra, Banges supply pods, and hardest supply pods locations are being found one by one from the Tower of Fantasy map areas now.

Tower of Fantasy is busy for a week with many new quests like shelter password, finding the hardest supply pods, all scenic point locations, and guides, all these may reward some basic Tower of Fantasy ing items to the players who complete those challenges. Stay tuned for more Tower Of Fantasy quest guides and exclusive updates at our website.

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