BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch: Fixed 101% Now!

Fix BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch by following the steps stated in this article for you. Almost every BGMI user is bamboozled ever since Krafton decided to take away the BGMI official app on Google Play Store. Now to add more pain to BGMI gamers, there’s a glitch for them while purchasing the M14 Royal Pass in BGMI after ban.

Many keep asking about how to fix and solve the BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch after the BGMI ban.

There are yet few possibilities to fix the BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch after the BGMI ban in India 2022. Fixing the BGMI M14 RP glitch may solve the BGMI gamers’ issues like purchasing BGMI M14 RP, and M15 Royal Pass, and also can buy and purchase the BGMI UC too after the ban.

Since BGMI is completely taken off from the play store, the google play store is now also prohibiting the BGMI users from purchasing UC, buying BGMI M14 and M15 Royal Pass after BGMI India Ban in 2022.

As even purchasing the basic currency of BGMI which has always been the unknown cash is currently banned on the Game, without UC it’s impossible and how will you buy and purchase the BGMI M14 Royal pass after the ban.

BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch: How to Fix and solve it?

BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch

All BGMI users and gamers are only left with 3-4 options to overcome and tackle this BGMI M14 RP glitch for now.

One is Using third-party BGMI sites, and free apps to get the unlimited BGMI UC from them, as many still keep giving this freebie of BGMI UC and other ING items too.

Next, an option like altering and changing the Google Play Store parental settings could possibly provide you with the chance to purchase BGMI UC currency after the BGMI Ban in India 2022, which will in return highly be helpful to purchase BGMI UC, BGMI M14 Royal Pass after the BGMI game’s ban now.

Steps to Fix BGMI Royal Pass 14 Purchase Issues after BGMI Ban

Finally, as we have mentioned earlier we will keep updating this article once we have any updates regarding fixing this issue. So, do follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the purchase issue for BGMI M14 Royal pass:

Step-1. First, download the 9MB file mentioned in below direct download link, the link for the same is shared below:


Step-2. After downloading the above file extract it using any extractor. Then go through the video carefully, as it clearly shows where to paste the downloaded file, and on which directory, the link to path for the same is shared below:

Android > Date > Com.pubg.imobile > files > UE4games > SHADOWtrackerExtra > SHADOWtrackerExtra > Saved > paks > ODPaks > Paste your File here

Step-3. Click on BGMI R14 File from your Storage, then select the file inside it and copy it, paste it inside saved ODpaks from paks shadow tracker extra>> UG4game from files>> com.pubg.imobile.

Step-4. Check out the full video for the rest of the procedures.

Step-5. Now you are all set and free from BGMI M14 RP glitch, purchase, and buying issues after BGMI Ban in India 2022.

More Guide to Fix the BGMI M14 RP Glitch and UC Issues!

BGMI gamers have already been pissed off with this ‘The Item You Requested is not available for Purchase’ after Google Play Store hindered them to purchase the in-game currency UC in BGMI after the ban.

Whenever you are about to purchase the BGMI UC, the above-mentioned unwanted popup is shown on BGMI for all the players, that pop up in return has also paved way for the BGMI month 14 M14 Royal Pass Glitch and other technical issues too.

BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch

There are several BGMI tournament apps for all Indian gamers which give freebies like UC and other items of BGMI, using that Free and unlimited BGMI UC from them after the BGMI ban solves the BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch.

Then finally the BGMI M14 RP glitch is solved and you may smoothly purchase the BGMI UC, BGMI M14 Royal Pass, and BGMI M15 Royal Pass each and everything after the BGMI game ban by Krafton in India 2022.

BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch, How to Fix and solve BGMI M14 RP glitch, and BGMI UC ban are all mentioned in this guide. These tips should help every BGMI player to purchase, and buy the BGMI UC, M14 Royal Pass, and M15 Royal Pass thereby also overcoming the hindrance of BGMI M14 Royal Pass Glitch issues after the BGMI ban in India 2022.

What’s more annoying from Krafton is that an official acknowledgment regarding the BGMI ban is even yet to come for all the Indian hardcore gamers and players, who play BGMI regularly.

Those BGMI players are seriously in a bit of a bother spot for now at least. Let’s wait for more BGMI official-related news from their end. Stay tuned for more live exclusive gaming news.

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