Free Trick For Lenskart Gold Membership

Free Trick For Lenskart Gold Membership: Under this article, we will be reading about LensKart gold membership free trick.

Does that mean how to get the gold membership for free on Lenskart?

What is LensKart Gold Membership:

So what it is?

It is a virtual card that is worth rupees 600 plus hundred rupees of GST with included all taxes. You can use 8 for 12 times in 365 days.

So you can buy your lenses from any Store or any shop it will cost you rupees 1000 to 2000.

But if you buy your lenses from LensKart, you will get one lens-free that means you will be in benefit like in one cost you will get two lenses.

With LensKart gold membership, you can use it in an online store, any LensKart store, and if you visited public stores. You will be buying 12 lenses and you’ll get well free on it which means 24 lenses.

Free Trick For Lenskart Gold Membership: Working

Free Trick For Lenskart Gold Membership
Trick For Lenskart Gold Membership

– So you will be opening on LensKart app on your mobile.

– Then scroll a little bit then you will see a section in which a line is written that pro membership you need to buy that pro membership.

– After buying this membership you will get your first aspects free and one will be complementary on it.

-So first and most important thing you need to do is to buy a coupon from LensKart.

-So, the question arises from where we will get the coupon? and what should we have to pay for it?

It will be provided to you free. As we recharge online for our mobile phones and for others.

For that, there are different modes like Paytm , phonepe , Google pay , Amazon pay, etc. On these apps, you will get different couponz.

Then we claim them.

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So for this method we will be doing our recharge from Paytm

You can recharge your mobile with a minimum amount rupees 10 only.

So when you select your recharge method on Paytm. Paytm shows many coupons to to you.

You can buy them for free and claim them.

After scrolling a bit you will get a gold membership free coupon for Lenskart. You will select that.

After that you will receive the mail from Paytm in that mail,  there is a coupon code which means the gold membership coupon code.

Read all terms and condition carefully.

So, first of all, type LensKart gold on the search bar. The page will get open on your screen.

Now enter your pin code and check the delivery access in your area.

Now click on buy, now you will get to see a final amount.

The amount will be 708 rupees after click on OK then a screen will appear in the front of you in which all the information is provided regarding the coupon enter your details there.

On the first left corner, you will get to see a promotional discount section click on that.

So here you have to enter the coupon code you get from Paytm on your mail.

And then apply now click on place order. Now you will get the voucher for free you don’t be paying any rupees for the gold membership.

Doing this so you will get the gold membership on Lenskart.

After claiming that membership you will get 12 month free subscription.

That coupon which was made by Paytm to give is just for three months but after applying it on the site you will get 12 months subscription for free.

A point to note is that there is alignment written in the coupon that if you use that privilege of gold membership the third-month subscription will turn into twelve months preparation that is fabulous.

One more thing that is very good about this gold membership you can share it with your friends also they can make advantage of it.

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