Glittering Key Destiny 2: How to use Glittering Key and Locations?

Glittering Key Destiny 2: The Glittering Key from Destiny 2 is a cryptic and mysterious key item that was once used in the forsaken season of the same game. This glittering key was predominantly used at the last wish raid of Destiny 2 to open some chests, which was also a complicated one for the Destiny 2 gamers once.

The Glittering mysterious key also has the knack of getting rolled just with random perks too. These glittering keys usually drop from the Riven encounter on Destiny 2. The wishing wall also sometimes provides you with the Glittering Key too.

The Riven usually drops this glittering key, takes one, and goes to open the chest from wall 2 of the last wish raids, after the Morgeth combat ends, the chest spawns and you must use the glittering key to open em.

The wall of wishes is not an easy job, as many walls are also there, particularly this wall 2 chests will be asking you to open it with the glittering keys.

The last wish raid of Destiny 2 has around 15 wish from the wall of wishes, where many keys like ethereal, and glittering are being used to fulfill and accomplish the wish raid on Destiny 2.

How to use the Glittering Key Destiny 2?

Glittering Key Destiny 2

As already told the mysterious Destiny 2 Glittering Key from Riven encounter shall be used to open a chest from the wall 2, after the battle of Morgeth, vault, and spirekeeper fight tussle ends, the glittering key in wish raid, used at the wall of wishes’ 2nd wall to open that chest which can also spawn.

Get the glittering key by going to Riven and bashing him, a maximum of 3 glittering keys are allowed per week now.

After accessing and equipping the Glittering Key from Riven, go to the wall of wishes, 2nd wall for the wish raid completion, then open the chest that spawns using your received glittering key, wall 2 successful opening with the Glittering keys will also provide you with the ship raids too.

More Ways to use the Destiny 2 Glittering Key!

The secret location area spot of the Destiny 2 last wish raid allows you to locate yourselves on wall 2 of the wall of wishes, where you open the chest to spawn with the Glittering keys.

Then once done with wish 2, also complete on wish 5 and then get Teleported to the Morgeth tussle fight, bash Morgeth and win him.

Glittering Key Destiny 2

A big rocky pillar which also has the chest to make it spawn with the Glittering keys once again, and get the rare and a new raid ship too from this opened chest.

This is all about Destiny 2: Forsaken’s wonderful Last Wish Raid which happens at the dreaming city location spot introduced by Bungie.

A challenging and first raid from Destiny 2 is this last wish, where 15 wish challenges are up for you to open the chests on the wall of wishes. Glittering Key and Ethereal Keys are majorly used for the chests opening for the last wish raids at Destiny 2. 

With this, we Finish on the glittering key Destiny 2 complete article GA guide. All Glittering Keys location, guide to the last wish raid, how to use the glittering keys to open the chest guide, and everything about the Destiny 2 game’s mystery Glittering Keys is all mentioned here.

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