Rapido Coupons Codes 2022: Working Codes

Rapido Coupons Codes: So in this article, we will be reading about Rapido coupon codes.

So first we will know about what is Rapido?

So what are Rapido Coupons Codes?

Rapido is an app that provides transportation services to customers. Rapido provides bike service to people to drop them at their desired location. That means you will be booking your Rapido service online and you the bike man will come after 5 to 10 minutes.

It will depend upon the traffic. Basically, Rapido is all about biking service there is no car in at like uber and ola.

It’s a bike service. The bike is also time-consuming like it can go in traffic easily.

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Let’s Check Working Rapido Coupon Codes:

So to attract their customers Rapido provides coupon codes for everyone. These Rapido coupon codes come with various offers. These Rapido coupons are very beneficial for the customer who use the Pido. Each and every coupon has different values. And it varies from 25 % to 100% also.

As many not many maximum online apps like Flipkart Amazon LensKart and many more provide these coupon codes like you scratch coupon and you get the code and that could provide you some gifts.

It can be money can be anything else. This deal of coupon codes and coupons is just to benefit their customers and attract them to their services.

In this article, we will be providing you with some Rapido coupon courses and mentioning their use and benefits.

With these Rapido coupon codes, you can take benefit of their services.

We will mention all the benefits and eligibility criteria for those coupons. And also their uses and eligibility criteria.

Rupees 25 off

New user offer. Flat rupees 25 off on the first ride

Use code GRB50


Rapido coupon code will provide 25 rupees off on the first ride.

This is applicable for the new and beginning users only.

This coupon cannot be clubbed with others.

This is valid on bikes and taxi rides.


• Hundred percent off

Rapido auto flat hundred percent off on your first ride.

Use coupon code GRABON100


Valid for new users.

You will get a hundred percent off on your first Rapido Auto Drive.

The maximum discount amount is rupees 40.

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• Rapido coupon

Flat rupees 25 off on the first ride.


Enjoy flat rupees off 25 on the first bike ride.

Only new users can claim this.

Delhi, NCR, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore are providing these services.

Use code TALKR25


• Flat 20%

20% off on bike ride services.

The customer will claim 10 rupees as a saving.

Trusted drivers will be available.

The offer is valid until 31st December 2021.

Use code RATARU20


• Instant 50% off


Use code CN123

discount available up to 20 rupees.

A new user is all available for this.


• 50% off

Use code Fab 50.

Maximum discount available rupees 20 per booking.

20% of use code FAB20

You will get 20 or 10 rupees off on your Rapido bike ride.


[#Special offer use code RAFAB5]

• Flat 50% off

Use code GURUALL.

30% of available. It is available for repeat users.

• Flat rupees 25 off for new users

Saving up to 10 rupees. Flat 25 discount on Rapido bike ride valid till 31 December 2021. Use code FREEGURU25

All the above quotes are in use you can use them in your Rapido ride. These courts make life easier. Anyone who grabbed this code and use it in booking their bikes and Taxes will get exciting discounts. The offer was denied to the user and this will make a lot of money-saving which means you will save money. And also there are several Paytm cashback and other cashback available to the user’s need to read out all the detail carefully which are given for the respective coupons.

Rapido provides a coupon to attract their customer and the customer got fascinated by the coupon codes. Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata there are the cities where people mostly used quotes while booking their bike rides.

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