How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban: This App Can Buy UC After BGMI Ban!

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban: UC purchasing limits are imposed on players hours after BGMI is taken down from the Google Play Store and App Store. We went to the official BGMI website and were pleased to learn that purchasing UC was an option.

The official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India contains a button that you may use to access the Codashop website and purchase the UC for our BGMI Id. But an error appeared whenever we clicked on it.

If don’t already knowHow To Buy UC After BGMI Ban, we will inform everyone that there are just two authorized ways to get UC For BGMI, both of which are prohibited, thus we must purchase UC illegally. So let’s see how to buy UC after BGMI ban.

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban: About BGMI UC:-

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s in-game money is called Unknown Cash UC. And it is true that in India we can use our real cash to buy UC in BGMI. With this UC, players may buy Battle Passes, crates, characters, companions, emotes, clothes, and more. Players may no longer buy UC in the game because it has been removed from the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. In-game purchases are restricted by Google Play Store.

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban: Can We Buy UC After Ban?

Unknown Cash (UC), the in-game money for Battlegrounds Mobile India, may be purchased right now. Battlegrounds Mobile players in India can use real money to purchase in-game currency.

The Battle Pass, companions, emotes, characters, crates, clothing, skins, and other stuff may all be purchased with UC. After the game was taken down from the Google Play Store & App Store, players are no longer able to buy UC in the game. In-game purchases are limited in the Google Play Store.

We Should try, there is a simple trick to how to buy UC after the BGMI ban using our BGMI ID. These steps will show you how to use this strategy when buying UC.

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban: Buy UC By Changing VPN:-

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban

If UC purchase has been restricted in India on BGMI, perhaps we will be permitted to purchase a UC from The in or Codashop so that you may change its DNS server on our mobile device. There are numerous VPNs on the market, but only one should be chosen. From the Play Store, we can download any VPN, following the download, just adhere to these easy instructions.

There is a “Switch Location To” option on the display. This is followed by the DNS for the appropriate server. On there, you can click. Now choose an Indian or Thai DNS server.

Now return to BGMI. Remove it from the background first, then reopen it. Go over to UC Purchase now; you will undoubtedly make an in-game purchase given what has happened thus far.

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban: Best App To Buy UC After Ban :-

There is just one app/website that players may use to purchase UC in BGMI legally Codashop. The Google Play Store and the business’ website both sell UC on Battlegrounds Mobile India to customers.

But following the prohibition, the coda store also deleted BGMI off its website and displayed a warning. We can recheck after using VPN to see if Codashop is only permitted to sell the UC Fro BGMI.

• Open the VPN that we shared above.

• Connect now to a server in Thailand or India.

• Do a Google search for “BGMI UC Codashop” now.

• Click the link that initially appeared.

• We can purchase a UC Card for our BGMI ID from this point on.

How To Buy UC After BGMI Ban: For iOS Phones:-

This method will enable iOS users to purchase UC in BGMI following the Ban. Take these easy actions. Go to Settings on your smartphone, sign in with our Apple ID, and then click the symbol. Select “Payment & Shipping” from the menu now. Add a valid payment method here.

Open the Apple Store now and select the avatar in the top-right corner. After entering the amount, select Add Fund On Apple ID. Open our phone’s payment app once our request for funds has been approved. If we add Google Pay, open Google Pay; if we add PhonePay, open PhonePay. Even you are able to view a payment notification on the notification panel.

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