NBA 2K22 Face Scan iPhone and iOS Devices?

NBA 2K22 Face Scan iPhone: In NBA 2K22 using the face scan feature, anyone can input their own face as their NBA player in the game. But for that the NBA 2K22 Face Scan app is required. Using this face scan app feature, you may bring on your face while creating MY PLAYER in NBA 2k22.

The face scan feature of NBA 2K22 has been made available to both iOS and Android gamers of the game. Those who have Android 5.0 and above, iOS 11.0, and above are easily eligible to get access to the NBA 2k22 face scan app.

NBA 2K22 Face Scan iPhone
NBA 2K22 Face Scan iPhone

Firstly for iPhone users to get access to the NBA 2k22 face scan feature, every iPhone gamer must download the My NBA 2K22 app to their iPhone device or other iOS devices.

Download the app and do the necessary procedures with your NBA 2k credentials in order to use the face scan feature on your iPhone device 2022.

How to Fix NBA 2K22 Face Scan Not Working?

Not some but many of the NBA 2k22 gamers struggle to use my NBA face scan feature, as some NBA players don’t get their proper clear image while using the face scanner. To fix the NBA 2K22 Face Scan not working,

– if you are unable to upload your pic with the front cam on NBA 2K22 face scan feature, go for the rear camera pic to upload on NBA 2k22 face scan.

-while using the NBA face scanner app make sure to follow all the required instructions by the NBA face scanner.

-while scanning face to upload on NBA 2K22 My Player, no glare, blur, shades, or darkness as crystal clear images are always necessary for NBA my scan feature

– while using a face scan on NBA tilt, move your face to left and right, as a face scan NBA requires year to head to be positioned exactly in the center.

– the most important aspect of using the NBA 2k22 face scan app is that cleaning your camera lens is a must with a soft cloth

Why is NBA 2K22 So Hard
NBA 2K22 Face Scan iPhone

How to Delete Face Scan in Nba 2k22?

If you are not satisfied with your own face on NBA 2K22 using the face scan app feature, no worries you necessarily need not delete the face scan pic in NBA 2K22, instead the face scan feature is unlimited in NBA 2K22,

– Click on my player appearance from MY PLAYER in NBA 2K22

– then you are Fully ready to reset your NBA 2K22 profile face using the NBA face scan feature by changing all aspects of your NBA player’s face like hair, eyes, eyebrows, skull shape, etc.

That’s how the entire process of the face scan app feature keeps working on NBA 2K22. So now it’s time for all those NBA 2K hardcore gamers to exclusively enjoy this NBA face scanner app feature to play with their own pics also with incredible NBA stats.

Here for iPhone and other iOS devices, the guide to using face scan in NBA 2K22 is mentioned. The same procedure of the face scan feature in NBA 2K22 gets followed for all Android users too.

Now that’s a wrap on the NBA 2K22 Face Scan iPhone article at GA. How to use my NBA face scan feature in iPhone, and iOS devices are mentioned at GA. Also, the steps to delete and reset your face using the face scan app feature in NBA 2K22 are also mentioned over here.

Stay tuned for further NBA 2K22 Face Scan iPhone and Android-related articles exclusive. Keep following our handle for more NBA 2K22-related articles and content.

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