Free Fire Factory Challenge: How to Play & Complete?

Free Fire Factory Challenge: There are two main game modes in Free Fire: Battle Royale and Clash Squad. In the first mode, participants begin a 10-minute duel in a battleground with 49 other people and compete to survive. Players must create a squad of four in the Clash Squad mode and defeat an opposing squad of four over the course of seven rounds to win.

The eponymous factory on the map of Bermuda gave rise to the name of the challenge. Players in this 1 vs 1 game mode must land on top of the Factory and battle for survival. The only requirement is that they are prohibited from using any weapons, including firearms, and must instead rely solely on their fists or melee weapons to survive.

The gaming community has praised and supported Garena Free Fire overwhelmingly. The Factory Challenge is one of the coolest game elements, and players enjoy making a unique room card to play in many modes with their friends. Factory Challenge is one of the most distinctive and challenging game variants. So let’s learn how to design unique spaces so we can play the challenge.

Free Fire Factory Challenge: How To Create Custom Rooms to Complete the Challenge

Free Fire Factory Challenge

Gamers frequently draw attention to the unique aspect that the Factory Challenge in Free Fire delivers. Players will arrive in this mode on top of an industrial complex without access to any armories. Only their fists must be used to defeat their adversaries. If a player has a bespoke room, this is the sole option accessible.

Players, team mode, spectator count, and other variables must all be adjusted by gamers to suit their needs. Users need to pay 100 gems each for personalized rooms.

  • The Free Fire Max game must first be launched by players.
  • They must now look through the inventory area for custom rooms.
  • If a player does not already own a bespoke room, they must buy one using diamonds.
  • Players must go back to the lobby area and touch on the mode-switch settings once the purchase has been completed.
  • To create a personalized room card, people must now click the “Custom” button.
  • Then, users only need to press the “Create” button and make the necessary options, such as the mode, players, the number of viewers allowed, and many others.
  • The Factory Challenge is where players must switch, so keep that in mind.
  • Finally, players must select “Confirm” to create

Free Fire Factory Challenge: How to play Free Fire Factory Challenge

Free Fire Factory Challenge

Players ascend to the top of the Factory, a well-known location on the Bermuda map, in the custom room mode of Free Fire MAX called The Factory Challenge. They then fight each other with their fists to stay alive. When the zone fills up or only a few players remain, the conflict continues in other areas, frequently using different weapons.

Since this is a custom room match, the rules are frequently chosen by the players before the game begins, and they might differ greatly.

Step 1: They should first click the button on the right side of Free Fire MAX to launch the mode selection menu.

Step 2: Users must then click the create button after selecting the custom button in order to access the new interface.

Step 3: Gamers can choose the Battle Royale game option and input their room name and password, if necessary. In accordance with the requirements, they must also choose Bermuda as the map and team mode.

Step 4: Through the game tab, they may choose features like leap height, movement speed, HP, and more. People can choose from pre-programmed options as well.

Step 5: In order to build a room, players must finally click the confirm button and confirm their choice.

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