How To Farm Gold Nucleus: All Navia Gold Nucleus Tower Of Fantasy!

All Navia Gold Nucleus Tower Of Fantasy: The gold nucleus is one of the major currencies in Tower of Fantasy, the gold nucleus is always available at the Navia in Tower of Fantasy.

Here we mention the complete guide to all locations of Gold Nucleus at Navia map region in Tower Of Fantasy.

Actually speaking there are three nucleus currencies from Navia of Tower of Fantasy game. Each Nucleus currency is available at certain Navia points, Black Nucleus, Red Nucleus, and finally, the Golden Nucleus are the three currencies from Navia Tower of Fantasy.

Also, the Golden Nucleus is used on gacha and standard banners from Tower of Fantasy by spending some dark crystals.

All Navia Gold Nucleus Locations in Tower Of Fantasy 2022!

All Navia Gold Nucleus Tower Of Fantasy

Also, the gold nucleus Navia from Tower of Fantasy can be easily farmed, farm, and get the gold nucleus Navia, by accomplishing certain Quests and Mission Bounties in the Tower Of Fantasy game.

All Gold Nucleus Locations in Navia! 

At the Navia, the gold nucleus locations are at Omnium tower, rain caller Island, water core. All of these Navia places have more gold nucleus in Tower of Fantasy.

Navia Bay, Rain caller Island, Seventh day forest all have a more gold nucleus. All these Navia places have more than 20 gold nucleus in Tower Of Fantasy.

More Navia Gold Nucleus places will be updated from Tower of Fantasy. Stay tuned for more Gold Nucleus in Navia Tower of Fantasy.

All Navia Gold Nucleus Tower Of Fantasy- List Of Golden Nucleus Locations 2022!

Okay well, let’s see all the gold nucleus locations and regions from Navia and also Astro in Tower of Fantasy here.

The astra region has around a massive 24 gold nucleus in Tower of Fantasy.

At Rusty Belt, two golden nucleus locations are available at the pink tower top.

Northern Ring Ranges has one golden Nucleus. Shores near Northern Ring Ranges again have a golden nucleus. On the northwestern region island of the Astra, another gold nucleus is seen and found at the building top.

Near Northern Ring Ranges once again a gold nucleus is available to take after beating the mechanic dog near the camp. Interaction with plant at the northern ring ranges will give away another and one more Gold nucleus this time.

The top of the windmill has one gold nucleus, and on the next near space rift of Astra one gold nucleus has been seen.

Near the Astra shelter sea one golden Nucleus is seen again and available. The Omnium tower above the camp has one gold nucleus location.

At the shelter Ganges a musical puzzle will give one more gold nucleus. At the river near Omnium tower get one more gold nucleus location.

The southern ring ranges have one golden Nucleus location with a mushroom puzzle. Cliff shore has one more gold nucleus spot. The mega Arena location in Tower of Fantasy is said to have the final and one more gold nucleus too.

All Navia Gold Nucleus Tower of Fantasy!

All Navia Gold Nucleus Locations

With this, all the gold nucleus locations in Navia are done. All gold nucleus locations Navia, and Astra from Tower Of Fantasy are mentioned to get the gold nucleus currencies.

Also, gold nucleus currencies can be farmed on Tower of Fantasy by the regular quests, challenges, missions, achievements, and bounties.

Get the gold nucleus currency now from this gold nucleus Navia map locations guide and path for Tower of Fantasy. All Navia and Astra gold nucleus locations Tower Of Fantasy are mentioned over here.

Stay tuned for more exclusive Navia Gold Nucleus Locations from Tower of Fantasy. Keep following this handle for the Tower of Fantasy exclusive quest guide and other content from this end.

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