Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached: Fixed!

Tower of fantasy wanderer creation limit reached: Tower of Fantasy is officially out, and because there are so many people eager to play it, bugs could start to show up. A problem with “wanderer creation limit reached” was reported by some players. This can occur when there is a long line of players waiting to join the server.

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached: Why Problem Occured?

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached

A tiny number of players started reporting a strange issue. They attempted to create a character, but were unable to do so since they kept getting the notice “wanderer creation limit reached”. This held true even for gamers who did not yet have any characters available to them. They could not begin the game as a result, of course.

They then began looking for a solution to the issue online, where they discovered players with comparable experiences. There is just one solution for the aforementioned mistake at the moment. It appears that changing the server is all that is required. You shouldn’t see the annoying notice when attempting to create a character on another.

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached: Fixing Off

Switching to a different server is the best way to solve this problem because the current ones are overloaded with gamers who are making characters. This issue should not happen any longer if you try to use a different server while making a brand-new account. Although it may appear to be a very straightforward and basic solution, it is the only one that is currently functional, at least until developers take care of the issue and either provide us with a different option or entirely fix this error.

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached

The Wanderer Creation Limit Reached error may first appear for new players who haven’t yet created their characters in Tower of Fantasy. This is most likely because the server you’re attempting to join is already occupied by generated characters. Until the developers increase the server’s capacity or perhaps even merge it with other servers, you won’t be able to join that particular server.

During top hours, search for servers with green or orange shaded circles close to them as that is regularly a decent sign of how occupied a server is. You ought to have a superior likelihood of selecting as a player on that server in the event that the sphere is green or orange. It does, in any case, suggest that you won’t have the option to do such until the limit is stretched out on the off chance that you were hoping to join your buddies on a specific server.

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached: Wanderer Crashes

Prior to venting your dissatisfaction in the improvement group, make certain to visit the authority site of the organization that makes your designs card and downloads the latest drivers. There are habitually enhanced drivers made explicitly for a given game. Assuming that refreshing the latest adaptation of the driver doesn’t determine the issue, you can on the other hand have a go at introducing a prior rendition of the driver.

It’s pivotal to remember that main the last rendition of the video card driver should be introduced; try not to utilize the beta variant since they might have serious flaws. Installing refreshed video card drivers ought to be your most memorable line of protection against this issue. This move can fundamentally increment game FPS. Also, take a gander at the Undertaking Supervisor’s central processor and memory use (got to by squeezing CTRL + SHIFT + Break).

In the event that you see that a cycle is utilizing an excessive number of assets before the game even beginnings, either shut down the program or simply erase it from Undertaking Manager. Next, explore the game’s realistic settings. To begin with, cripple against associating and endeavor to lessen the post-handling level. A large number of them utilize a ton of assets, in this way switching them off will significantly further develop execution while minimal influencing picture quality.

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