UFO In Fortnite: How To Get & Control UFO In Fortnite?

UFO In Fortnite: Epic has to rotate through Fortnite’s numerous goods, guns, and vehicles over time in order to make sure we get to use them all. Junk rifts had unvaulted earlier this week to add a little additional chaos to fights, but as of today, a surprising weekend update has brought the fan-favorite Fortnite Spaceship back to a battle royale in just four days.

As part of a game’s Flying Objects Weekend, which runs from right now until Monday, August 15, we can collect these flying machines at various locations across the map. Let’s turn to how to find them and what they do.

UFO In Fortnite: What Is This Thing?

UFO In Fortnite

The UFO in Fortnite, or the Fortnite UFO location as Epic Games refers to it, is a flying object with the ability to discharge energy balls and snare objects beneath it. Don’t worry if this looks foreign to us. An energy ball can be charged up and fired while using the left-clicking trig. It will push adversaries and vehicles back while doing minimal damage to them.

While holding down the right click (or left trigger), the Saucer will latch onto and capture anything beneath it, including hostile players. While dropping foes won’t result in fall damage, doing so by dropping objects on unwary targets would. Utilizing the Fortnite Spaceship is, of course, the simple part; the challenge lies in locating one before the other players do.

UFO In Fortnite: Can We Control This?

The controls are first a tad intimidating once we’re inside a UFO in Fortnite. In general, they are divided between the bottom right and the left side of the screen.

Lift and lower ourselves with the triggers. For an Xbox, press B, or Circle to accelerate into the air. Use a tractor beam by pressing L1. Whenever a crosshair flashes over an object, we can pull it up by pressing the left trigger to descend sufficiently enough to it and press again to drop.

To launch a missile, press R1 or RB on an Xbox. These take a moment to heat up, but they have a good splash radius can knock foes off their feet, and do 30 damage every time. Tap the Square or X on an Xbox button to exit the UFO once we’re finished.

UFO In Fortnite: Fortnite UFO Location, Where to Find:-

UFO In Fortnite

The Fortnite Spaceship won’t be around for long, so we should start hunting for them right away. The UFO in Fortnite are scheduled to depart on or around Monday because it is only accessible during Flying Object Weekend. In Fortnite, UFOs are difficult to overlook. They are substantial purple and grey automobiles. However, if we want to see the Fortnite Spaceship in-game.

• South of Logjam Lotus

• Northwest of Sleepy Sound

• Southeast of The Daily Bugle

• Northeast of Greasy Grove

• South of the Joneses

• North of Chonker’s Speedway

UFO In Fortnite: How To Find UFO?

The UFO In Fortnite, sometimes known as Fortnite Spaceship, are aircraft with five seats that allow us to travel with our entire squad. Six precise locations on the map, that we’ve listed below, are where we can locate them.

UFOs have a boosting mechanism that increases their speed, and they can climb or descend while flying across the map. We should be aware of the surroundings and prepare for company, though, as operating the cars makes you incredibly visible.

Additionally, UFOs launch energy blasts that harm targets by 30 damage and structures by 450 damage. This makes it possible to kill people indirectly by hurling them over hills or buildings and causing fall injury. The vehicles’ capacity to kidnap objects or players below them may be their most distinctive characteristic.

Large objects can be picked up and dropped on other players to deal massive damage, or an enemy can be kidnapped and taken away from the team while our squad deals massive damage to them.

UFO In Fortnite: Complete Latest Task By Using UFO:-

Another option is to simply destroy the ship to sink it. If so, the Trespasser won’t think twice about attacking us.

They will swiftly engage you in a firefight, but from our experience, they aren’t much that different from the ordinary NPCs who roam the map and should be simple to defeat.

This will depend on whether we are equipped with the proper weapons or if other players are around and hitting us at the same time. However, fighting them can be advantageous if we want to obtain one of the new weapons for the season, a ray rifle with endless ammo that the Trespasser drops when defeated. The UFO in Fortnite is then yours to pilot no matter how you bring it down.

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