All Ruin A-03 Chests Tower of Fantasy

All Ruin A-03 Chests Tower of Fantasy: Tower of Fantasy is a cross-playable, light-sci-fi shared open-world MMORPG that is now accessible on the developer’s website, Apple’s App Store, and Google Play Store. Players in this brand-new action-adventure will be tasked with rescuing what’s left of humanity on the alien world of Aida. Tower of Fantasy has a rich battle system, a particular Simulacrum system that allows players to assume the roles of historical heroes, and a realm stuffed to the gills with hidden treasures.

A post-apocalyptic, sci-fi future is the scenario for this shared open-world role-playing game. Players can grow and level up their characters and fight excitingly against various distinctive foes. Depending on where they are playing from, players from all over the world have a wide range of server possibilities.

All Ruin A-03 Chests Tower of Fantasy
All Ruin A-03 Chests Tower of Fantasy

It’s always possible that the creators of hotly anticipated new releases like this one may need to add more servers to specific regions to account for overcrowding. In the expansive open-world role-playing game Tower of Fantasy, players can travel the world of Aida alone or with their buddies on an adventure. Throughout your experience, you can gather several chests, and the Ruins area is one place you can do so.

All Ruin A-03 Chests Tower of Fantasy: Chests and location

There are a total of two chests to be found here. The first chest is located in the Ruins area’s beginning section, where you must ascend a platform to reach it close to the goal. Behind this laser beam, close to the puzzle region, is the second chest. With your capacity to obtain the chest, you can erect a barrier.

In MMO games, dungeons are nothing new. The majority offer many dungeon types for exploring, and Tower of Fantasy is no exception. The dungeons in ToF are known as Ruins. The dungeons here are old Cataclysm-era locations. You will generally find a boss, two chests, and a relic inside these dungeons. You’ll receive fantastic gifts and a tonne of money for completing dungeons.

The final dungeon you will have access to in the Astra region is Ruin A-03. The location of this dungeon is close to Astra Shelter on the northern side of the area. Strongholds in a chasm encircle it. Ruin A-03 has a level requirement of 18. The earliest level you can attempt to finish this dungeon is that one. The level required might increase to 44 as you increase the difficulty.

Ruin A-03 Chests Tower of Fantasy: How To Complete Ruin A-03

You’ll have a relic in front of you when you initially enter the dungeon. Omnium Handcannon is one of these artifacts. You can climb onto higher places using the towers it builds. Use the relic to climb to the top of the wall immediately after receiving it. The dungeon’s opening chest may be found at the top.

Tower of Fantasy All Characters
All Ruin A-03 Chests Tower of Fantasy

Jump down after taking the chest to deal with the foes beneath you. These foes aren’t too difficult to defeat and won’t cause you too much problem. Afterward, jump across the gap to the open area or use the Omnium Handcannon. Here, you’ll have to overcome a few more foes. Please remove them and examine the wall next to the wide opening. Here is where the second dungeon chest can be found.

Create a pillar in the doorway’s middle to block the lasers with the Omnium Handcannon. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid the lasers and grab the chest. Turn around and operate the lever after obtaining the bin. The platform in the gap will begin to move as a result. Put a pillar on the moving platform with the Omnium Handcannon to shield yourself from the lasers.

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