Destiny 2 Subclass: New Green Logo, Poison Subclass Leaks!

Destiny 2 Subclass Leak – New Leaked Subclass from Destiny 2: Bungie employee has leaked a new Destiny 2 logo and Subclass for the coming season of Destiny 2. Yes, a new green colored logo, new green poison subclass, and new vapor/vapour Subclass from Destiny 2 are expected in the coming days.

As some say the team of Bungie has unknowingly leaked the new themes for Destiny 2 with possibly an all in green coloured logo, green-coloured subclass, green coloured poison subclass in the coming days for Destiny 2.

Also already there were talks about Bungie initiating developments for Destiny 2 new subclass in the form of vapor element.

Destiny 2 Subclass - Destiny 2 New Green Logo, Poison Subclass Leaks!
Destiny 2 Subclass – Destiny 2 New Green Logo, Poison Subclass Leaks!

But we’re unsure about what subclass Destiny 2 and Bungie are gonna unleash now in the game, it could either be possibly a new Destiny 2 green themed logo, green themed Subclass, poison Subclass, vapour element Subclass, Nechrochasm, green poison subclass all awaited officially from Bungie and Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 New Subclass Leak – What’s the new Subclass in Destiny 2?

Bungie’s art station of the devs has a new Destiny 2 leak in the form of a green logo, a green power ranger in Destiny 2 Lightfall season. So Destiny 2 new subclass leaks it’s all about green, green themed 3 melees.

Many suggest that it’s a Bungie employee’s Destiny 2 new Subclass Leak, however some Destiny 2 dataminers and gamers suggest that it’s an intentional leak from the devs of Destiny 2 and Bungie to gain attention during the Destiny 2 Lightfall season now.

But for sure Bungie is bringing a new subclass to Destiny 2 Lightfall season from August month 2022, a green themed logo, poison Subclass, vapour Subclass, green themed Subclass, green poison subclass all these were Destiny 2 Subclass leaks from the devs of Bungie now.

Splicer Servitor Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Subclass – Destiny 2 New Green Logo, Poison Subclass Leaks!

As Poison and vapour Subclass from Destiny 2 and Bungie are long in the waiting list for Lightfall season, we guess Bungie will officially launch both Poison Subclass and vapour element Subclass in the incumbent Destiny 2 Lightfall season.

Destiny 2 Subclass Leak – New Green, Poison Subclass Release Date!

With just a mere green subclass leak from Destiny 2 and Bungie, all the subclass leaks are only speculation, for now, devs of Destiny 2 might announce the official new green logo, green Subclass, poison Subclass, vapour element Subclass for Destiny 2 Lightfall season in the coming days officially.

Destiny 2 New Subclass Coming?

Destiny 2 players have always wanted to see the new poison and vapour element subclasses during this Destiny 2 Lightfall edition’s tenure, however, Bungie has been delaying the subclasses preparation and development.

But now unexpectedly devs of Bungie leak the new green logo concept art, green themed Subclass, green Subclass, poison Subclass, vapour element Subclass, green poison Subclass things for Lightfall season of Destiny 2,

so definitely a brand new Destiny 2 poison Subclass is on the cards from Bungie in the upcoming days. But only the poison green Subclass release date is awaited from the team of Destiny 2 Lightfall for now. Also, Destiny 2 gamers have been querying about the nechrochasm rifle gun for Destiny 2 Lightfall edition.

These new Destiny 2 Subclass Leaks are raging amongst Destiny 2 users, as one Bungie employee has all of a sudden excited the Destiny 2 gamers with his green logo concept art leaks, green Poison subclass leaks.

For now that’s all the Destiny 2 Subclass leaks, let’s wait for Poison Subclass, green Subclass release dates officially from the team of Destiny 2 and also from the developers Bungie.

Stay tuned to our space for exciting Destiny 2 Subclass leaks, and Official Destiny 2 Subclass updates. Keep watching this handle for more gaming news.

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