PUBG M15 Royal Pass Release Date, Rewards & More Leaks!

PUBG M15 Royal Pass Release Date: Even though PUBG 2.1 is only having the current 13th month M13 RP season going on, Krafton hasn’t even launched the PUBG M14 RP season yet, but still PUBG M15 Royal Pass of 15th-month release date, reward leaks if PUBG M15 are coming out one by one.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass Release Date!

PUBG M15 Royal Pass Release Date


The release date of the PUBG 15th month RP which is the PUBG M15 Royal Pass Release date has been fixed for September 20th, 2022 by Krafton.

All PUBG Mobile users may start playing with PUBG M15 Royal Pass from the 20th of sept most likely in all likelihood of Krafton. Also, PUBG M15 Royal Pass may well come alongside the PUBG 2.2 patch update too.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass Price!

Krafton is all set to continue with the same pricing for the PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass prices too, Elite Royale Pass for 360 UC and Elite Plus Royale Pass for 960 UC will be available during PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass tenure by Krafton.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass Rewards – PUBG M15 Reward Leaks!

As PUBG leakers have started revealing the PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass Rewards & Leaks, here we go about GA PUBG Mobile M15 RP reward leaks for 2022,

The various reward leaks for PUBG 2.2 M15 Royal Pass are:

An exclusive casual brand new Stroll Set,

A new S1997 Gun Skin, A new Evo M1996 gun skin, M15 Mythic Emote, S15 Mythic Set, MK57 Mutant Gun green colour skin, Free Parachute Skin, Golden Premium Ornaments, Parachute Skin, Grenade Skins, Military Gun based skins, Space Craft Grenade, Green Coloured Boat Skin, Orange coloured mask Skins, Purple Helmet.

All these have been the leaked PUBG M15 Royal Pass rewards for now from PUBG data miners.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass 1 to 50 RP Rewards – M15 Royal Pass Level to Royal Pass Level 50 Rewards List!

PUBG M15 Royal Pass Release Date

Apart from the major PUBG Mobile M15 RP leaks rewards, PUBG M15 Royal Pass for RP level 1 to RP level 50 are here at GA.

  • RP 1- New Green themed Outfit and green theme skins
  • RP 5 – Purple Helmet, Golden Ornaments & Skins
  • RP 15 – New Street Dance Emote & Mythic Set
  • RP 20 – Green Grenade Skin, Military Gun Skins
  • RP 25 – Blue and Pink Boat Skins
  • RP 35 – New Mythic Dance Emote
  • RP 40 – Ancient Headgear Mask
  • RP 45 – New Parachute & Skin
  • RP 50 – A Brand New Casual Stroll Set 

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass!

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass is the usual monthly pass from Krafton, which keeps coming every month on to the PUBG Mobile game, PUBG M15 Royal Pass will have a new set of rewards, gun skins and more cosmetics from M15 RP.

But the incumbent PUBG M13 RP is only ending from the 18th Aug which paves the way for Krafton to release the PUBG 14th month RP which is the PUBG M14 Royal Pass from August 19th or 20th.

PUBG M15 Royal Pass is still a long way to go, but we keep you posted on all PUBG M15 Royal Pass leaks, rewards and more M15 Royal Pass features and updates in the coming days.

So Krafton will definitely update about the Month 15 Royal Pass M15 RP PUBG Mobile update officially in the coming days very sooner.

PUBG Mobile M15 Royal Pass leaks, updates, release date & M15 rewards are done now. Stay tuned exclusively for more PUBG related articles from our handle. Keep watching this space.

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