No Feelings Destiny 2 – No Feelings Back To Destiny 2?

No Feelings Destiny 2: No Feelings Destiny 2, no it’s not something that you think about Destiny 2’s no feelings, No Feelings is actually a Scout rifle gun weapon from Destiny 2 game.

An ultra legendary scout rifles no feelings first debuted through the season of Black Armory in the game of Destiny 2.

The best thing about this legendary rifle no feelings is that, no feelings weapon in Destiny 2 game has had the best recoil pattern till date, no feelings’ recoil pattern is the best perk of the scout rifle in black armory season for all the Destiny 2 gamers.

About the Legendary Scout Rifle No Feelings!

When no feelings debuted in Destiny 2 Black Armor, this rifle became a legendary rifle equipment imminently when Bungie launched it. Now Destiny 2 players are yearning again for this legendary scout rifle no feelings to be back on to the inventory of Destiny 2 right now itself.

No Feelings Destiny 2
No Feelings Destiny 2

No Feelings Destiny 2 was a great rifle weapon, with exemplary stats for the no feelings gun, Bungie must reinstate the no feelings gun back to all Destiny 2 fans as soon as possible.

With exemplary stats, attributes, skills and abilities surrounding around no feelings gun in Destiny 2, we are gonna be listing the no feelings’ all stats and skillsets now.

No Feelings Destiny 2 – Stats, Skills and Attributes of No Feelings Rifle Gun in Destiny 2!

One of the epic and most versatile scout rifle guns from Destiny 2 is definitely the no feelings gun. Players thronged on huge raids in Destiny 2 to get this insanely and profusely larger no feelings rifle gun.

Speaking about the no feelings Destiny 2 rifle and its stats, No Feelings had explosive damage of 750+ which is a dream for other exclusive Destiny 2 Guns and Rifles any day.

As everyone struggled on to get this no feelings rifle gun from the scourge of the past raid during the Destiny 2 Black Armory season because the no feelings gun has had a wonderful stat ranging from impact to magazine to recoil, every aspect of this No Feelings rifle was on different standards in the Destiny 2 game.

No Feelings legendary scout rifle gun user primary as its Ammo, Arc as the damage type, the range and stability of no feelings was around 50.

Temple Of The Wrathful Destiny 2
No Feelings Destiny 2

Impact and Inventory size for no feelings were almost close to 60+ regularly and consistently.

The handling and Reloading speed time for the no-feelings gun was around close to 50.

Aim assistance of 67+, bounce intensity of 28, magazine min-max level at 16 all made this No Feelings a not to be missed legendary scout rifle gun weapon at Destiny 2 Black Armory season.

The recoil pattern for no feelings was on a different level with 76+ in Destiny 2 Black Armory season.

No Feelings’ rate of fire and rounds per minute was also at a massive and a mammoth 190+.

These are all the No Feelings’ wonderful stats and skills to be noted on, let’s hope Bungie and Destiny 2 will definitely rethink and reinstate the No Feelings rifle for all the Destiny 2 gamers exclusively now.

No Feelings Rifle Coming Back to Destiny 2 in August 2022?

As of now from Bungie, there’s been no room for this legendary scout rifle gun No Feelings in Destiny 2. However, Bungie may relaunch the no feelings, if the Destiny 2 gamers keep asking about it.

Let’s hope that Bungie will definitely implement this no feelings rifle gun with an improved and also an upgraded version of the same, which in the sense an updated No Feelings Legendary Scout Rifle 2.0 may well be coming out to Destiny 2 soon if only possible.

But for now, no No Feelings in Destiny 2 for August month in 2022. Stay tuned to us for more about the no-feelings rifle gun in Destiny 2.

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