Spring Split Suite Rocket League: It’s Back Again?

The Spring Split Suite Rocket League ended in July. we just finished an RCLS Spring Split Suite Rocket League month ago and are still buzzed to have an audience back in the arena. Let’s get right to it since there is a lot of stuff to cover.

The top Rocket League teams in the world will face a fresh format challenge because it’s a new Split. The spring split suite rocket league will no longer be used, and a 16-Team. Dual Bracket had been used instead for the Spring Split. The idea is straightforward if we lose twice, we are out of the tournament after making our way through the bracket. This thing we all know because of this event is over now.

Spring Split Suite Rocket League: What Was The Format?

Spring Split Suite Rocket League

The format of the competition was a 3v3 double-elimination bracket. In the Upper Bracket, a BO5 format was used for all Round 1 & Quarterfinal matches. BO7 was used to play the Semifinals and Finals.

The Quarterfinals, semi-finals, & Finals in the Lower Bracket were contested as a BO7, while Rounds 1-3 is be played as a BO5. Notably, the Lower Finals team needs to win two BO7 series in order to advance to the Grand Finals, which was also contested as a BO7 with the Bracket Reset.

In the Spring Split Suite Rocket League, there was the Bottom and Top Bracket. In which teams from the Lower Bracket that advance to the Grand Finals must defeat the team from the Top Bracket twice in order to win that tournament. whilst the Upper Bracket team only needs to win once to take home the trophy. An example of this is a Bracket Reset.

Spring Split Suite Rocket League: Broadcast And Schedule:-

Spring Split Suite Rocket League

As we know that the Spring Split Suite Rocket League event is all last month. The event calendar had mimic the last 2 Splits. Throughout the Split, each region hosted three regional events. Teams were selected for the RLCS Spring Major in London’s Copper Box Arena based on their performance throughout the Spring Split Suite Rocket League. Similar to the previous two Splits, many areas will compete on a given play.

The RLCS Major Finals started on July 2 and 3, 2022, there at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Copper Box Arena throughout London, England. The RLCS Spring Split Major was started from June 29 to July 3, 2022.

They also bought tickets to see the spring split suite rocket league event through SeeTickets, which ended on May 8 at 8:00 PT. The price of a ticket is between £50 and £60.

Spring Split Suite Rocket League: What Was The Rewards Given To The Players?

The topic of who the world’s top Rocket League players participated in this event. When the new season format was implemented during RLCS X. We discontinued giving out the prizes that had previously served as the foundation for those conversations.

The Spring Major and Season End Awards were given to the winner. Players had acquired the following Awards for the Spring Major as well as the Season’s End:

• Offensive MVP

• Defensive MVP

• Overall MVP

This was the End of Season Awards which was given to the players Last month.



• European RLCS MVP

• Middle East & North Africa RLCS MVP

• North American RLCS MVP

• Oceanic RLCS MVP

• South American RLCS MVP

Due to time constraints, the Spring Split Suite Rocket League Major Awards had decided by local Psyonix Esports employees and local RLCS commentators. The professional casters from each region will vote for their region’s MVP at the End of Season Awards. Each region’s MVP winner will be the player who received the most votes there.

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