Like a Diamond Destiny 2: Latest Challenge Complete Now

Like a Diamond Destiny 2: The Scourge of the Past recently brought up a new Like a Diamond challenge that is going to be a thriller and I believe it is going to be the best one to date. A lot of enthusiastic players are on their way.

Some have already started beating up and hustling for the challenge but have also searched for the update, the latest information process, and the easy steps regarding how to activate like a diamond, as it is quite complex and a novice would be facing some issues while trying to do it.

But let them search and you have been on the right article, Where we have presented and described all that is required to know regarding how to activate like a diamond destiny 2 and what is the use of it and several other questions like activating Like a diamond destiny 2 is the final task or is there any other tasks in the way Like a Diamond Destiny 2.

Like a Diamond Destiny 2: Challenge Scourge of the past-

Like a Diamond Destiny 2

As the map is somewhat confusing and because of the huge size, you may end up getting yourself struck somewhere if you get misguided or step on the wrong side also the buttons are hard to find and that is what makes it to find an article on the web giving a precise location for everything that needs to be done.

As I have already mentioned that due to the large size of the map and also regarding the location of the buttons we are searching for, giving or getting an accurate location is not possible and so we have brought out the precise and wider location where you can search for to complete the task of Like a Diamond Destiny 2.

Also, we just don’t have to activate the like a diamond challenge as the next task we get in hand is to keep ourselves alive and to execute the raid before or without dying in order to complete the task also If you die or end up without completing the whole raid there is no use to activate Like a diamond destiny 2 as the challenge remains uncompleted in Like a Diamond Destiny 2.

Where to Find the Button to Complete the Challenge?

First, let’s talk about activating Like a Diamond destiny 2 in order to activate the Like A Diamond Destiny 2 the players need six buttons which are hidden all across the scourge of the past raid and obviously cannot be easily found to make the challenge much more difficult and attractive for the players of Like a Diamond Destiny 2.

These six buttons are available at various locations on the map and are found on or around the Botza district and need to be found before you defeat the first berserker in order to activate and get the Like A Diamond challenge done.

Order to activate the button after you have already found is a very easy task as that doesn’t need any special effort as all you need to do is stand on the button or just walk toward it, and you will find the colour changes from red to green indicating that it is activated in Like a Diamond Destiny 2.

Where and How to Find All the Six Buttons?

Like a Diamond Destiny 2

Like A Diamond Destiny 2 Button 1: On the top of the building which is situated at the exact right on the spawn point gives you the first button.

Like a diamond destiny 2 buttons 2: This one is available down near the larger building located at the edge of the map.

Like a diamond destiny 2: Button 3: At the right of the spawn point and somewhat near to where you found the first button you will get the third one needed to activate.

What Is the Location of The Other Three Buttons?

Like a diamond Button 4: It is available in the map’s middle on a building that has several awnings and you need to head towards it.

Like A Diamond Button 5: This button can be easily located on a location situated diagonally opposite the spawn point

Like a diamond Destiny 2: Last Button 6: This one can be found on the location left on the spawn point and near to the place of shield locators in Like a Diamond Destiny 2.

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