BGMI Server Down After Ban: Can You Still Play?

BGMI Server Down After Ban: We need to admit that we have encountered a very serious issue that has concerned many, or almost everyone. We were surprised when we noticed the disappearance of Bgmi from the Google Play Store and also from the Apple App Store. Google has already made its side clear by blaming and putting the responsibility on the government, and saying that they have brought the application down only because of the government order and that is how they have justified the move.

The moment they released the notice, or more of an advisory in nature, the game was immediately dropped from the respective app stores of Google and also of Apple, and now it is not available to download to your system BGMI Server Down After Ban.

BGMI Server Down After Ban: Is there any way to Play BGMI?

Server Down After Ban

But along with this, it brings a lot of questions as it enthusiasts the player, some of which can go back to the time when Garena free fire and PUBG India were brought down by the app store after the government of India stepped in to bring those apps including many other apps removed from the Indian devices, through the order, and during those time.

We still know that the server of the game also went down and thus, the people who thought that they could use and play those games without any interruptions and hindrances, as they have already downloaded the game earlier and that set out a major blow and was a serious drawback for the whole of the gaming community in BGMI Server Down After Ban.

This is one of the biggest questions for the time being after the game is brought down whether that is going to impact the game’s server, and now the players are in a serious dilemma of whether or not they will be able to play the game smoothly after being taken down from the app store.

BGMI Server Down After Ban: Can you still play BGMI?

The answer to the most discussed and widespread question in the gaming community is a simple and obvious YES, as it can be played uninterrupted, as the server is not going to be affected at least for the time particular.

Now we have the server of Bgmi intact and so it can be predicted at least as of now that the old players already having the game downloaded can play it without any difficulty and the players who have installed the game can jump on it anytime in BGMI Server Down After Ban.

BGMI Server Down After Ban: Can the game still be downloaded?

BGMI Server Down After Ban

As we have already discussed, the game has been brought down from the play store and all the other stores and so that simply implies that we have no alternative left for the game to be downloaded, and also the last resort to which we can go for, is to share the app from any of the other players and also to get the data files for smooth access, and there is no file available to get it on either from the play store and neither from any search engine or other options left.

Also, we have one more option left that you can surely try and that can also work for you try to download the apk file available on the internet, but all you need to do is find the file and get it installed on your device as soon as possible and this method can also be considered to be a full-proof method in BGMI Server Down After Ban.

The step to get it downloaded are:

Step 1: Open the BGMI from any web browser.
Step 2: Get to the option that displays APK download button and the apk of size around 700 MB will start downloading.
Step 3: Install the apk file once the download is completed.
Step 4: Login by entering all the required information and start playing BGMI again and the issue is resolved BGMI Server Down After Ban.

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