How to Play BGMI after Ban in India? – Tricks to download and play!

How to play BGMI after Ban? As BGMI has been removed from the Google play store for all BGMI fans on 28th July 2022. It’s almost more or less confirmed that BGMI is banned by the Indian government once again in 2022.

BGMI was banned in 2022 after PUBG was banned in 2020, with the BGMI removal from the play store, all Indian BGMI fans are sad to the core, as they are not able to update and download the BGMI mobile game from the play store.

The next automatic question from BGMI fans should definitely be, how to download BGMI after ban in 2022, how to download BGMI without VPN, how to play BGMI in 2022 after ban, and how to download and play BGMI after BGMI.

For that, answers are clear-cut and explained here at Gaming Acharya. Scroll down to the end to know about how to play BGMI game after ban in 2022. We will explain how to download BGMI 2022 after ban and also say how to play the BGMI game 2022 after ban.

How to Play BGMI after Ban – Download BGMI after Ban now!

How to Play BGMI after Ban in India

Every BGMI fan knows BGMI has only been taken down and removed from playstore for India, but yet BGMI can be downloaded as an APK file still, and also from other websites and apps BGMI can be downloaded, installed, and played.

How to install BGMI after ban 2022?

To download and install BGMI 2022 apk application after the ban, many apps like 1mobile market, 9appsstorr, Xiaomi App Market Get Apps, are always there. So here one BGMI user can download BGMI, then instantly install the BGMI apk file and play the BGMI game without any problem.

We don’t know whether BGMI in 2022 is completely and permanently banned by the Indian government.

Also, BGMI’s official 2022 ban is also not confirmed yet, maybe BGMI can return back to play store officially if the BGMI ban is lifted by the Indian government soon.

How to play BGMI 2.1 2022 after Ban? – How to download BGMI APK file and OBB file after Ban 2022 in India?

How to Play BGMI after Ban in India

Other alternative ways to download BGMI, install BGMI apk, and play BGMI game in 2022 is by downloading the apk files and also sideload the OBB file for BGMI, then you can easily play BGMI after ban in India 2022.

Many websites have BGMI apk files and BGMI OBB files to download, it you get them, then easily you shall play the BGMI game after its ban in India, also download and install the BGMI APK and OBB file from websites with proper high-speed internet connection.

So after downloading the BGMI 2.1 apk file and OBB file, you can install the BGMI game on your phone and also start playing the latest BGMI 2.1 version of the game after its ban in India in 2022.

How to play and download BGMI 2.1 game in India 2022, after ban?

The above-mentioned steps are the ways to download and play BGMI in India after BGMI is banned. As BGMI is not available in play store, download the apk file, and play the BGMI 2.1 game now without any ban.

Another way to play BGMI after ban is by using VPN and changing servers, once BGMI game servers and VPN are changed, BGMI 2.1 can smoothly be played.

Play BGMI after ban using any VPN, also download BGMI apk files and keep them, you may now easily play the BGMI game without any hustle.

Let’s wait for official confirmation about the BGMI ban in India 2022 from the government of India. The BGMI game was removed from play store, as one boy killed his mother, that’s the reason for BGMI to be getting banned in 2022 India.

Now you can play BGMI, download and install BGMI 2.1 apk file using the above-mentioned easy tricks and tips to play and download the BGMI game without a ban.

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