Apex Legends Not Launching: Issue Resolved !!!

Apex Legends Not Launching: Recently we faced or have encountered a new bug regarding the Apex Legends launch, and so it was on one of the top searches on Google regarding how to fix this issue. And so we came up with an article after answering all your questions and requests.

In this article, we have covered all the details of the Apex Legends launching issue, so go through this article completely to get all your questions answered.

Many players have reported the latest bug in apex legends while launching on PCs and so it needs to be resolved as it is an issue for the larger group of people of Apex Legends Not Launching.

Why and How Did the Apex Legends Not Launching Issue Arise?

Apex Legends Not Launching Issue

Before going deeper into the solution aspect, It is important to get and also go through the issue and the problems that led to this issue, and so one of the reasons for apex legends not launching on PCs can be downloading or using any of the corrupted or damaged files.

Because generally, this issue can be attributed to using out the damaged or corrupted files but that also includes incorrect setup of your system that leads to Apex Legends Not Launching.

Apex Legends Not Launching: What Is the Other Reason for The Issue?

Your display drivers not functioning well or in the manner they should, or the last reason can be that you might be playing or using an out-of-date or an older version that does not support now and the other reasons that can be attributed or blamed for apex legends not working are:

1. Your device or the playing machine is not capable enough or say does not pass the basic or the minimal eligibility that the game demands from the device.

2. Also as per the latest information provided by the users, Apex Legends will not be able to start or work efficiently immediately after an update is performed automatically by windows or if the game brings in a new update by itself and so apex legends may have issues after an update is performed.

Apex Legends Not Launching: What are the solutions to this?

Apex Legends Not Launching Issue

After going through the possible reason and causes of the issue now let’s discuss how to get rid of this issue or how to resolve the issue on your own. The first and the easiest way to fix it up is by trying to run the game as an administrator. As launching or re-launching the game as an administrator can be the easiest possible solution and now as we have listed down the solution let’s talk about the steps to do so for Apex Legends Not Launching:

Steps To launch the game as administrator:

Step 1: Go through the window key and S to open the search tool.
It is a shortcut for opening the tool

Step 2: Enter Apex Legends In the search toolbox to get the desired result.

Step 3: Open the file location by the option available after the right-click on the game.

Step 4: Now immediately rush to the option that says Properties of the Apex Legends or that take you to the properties of the apex legend.

What Are the Next Steps to Resolve the Issue?

Step 5: Select the tab that displays the compatibility of apex legends.

Step 6: Now you will find the option that says run this program as administrator setting and that is something which is your solution.

Step 7: Select the Disable Full Screen Optimization option and click on apply.

Step 8: Click on the OK option and the dialogue box will be closed finally now the game on your device is being run as the administrator and also the apex legends not launching issue has been resolved and now you can use the game smoothly without any interference or problems.

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