Hidden Strife Event Speed Guide- Combat Event Genshin Impact 2.8

Hidden Strife Event Guide: Genshin Impact’s Version 2.8 will host the combat challenge game Hidden Strife, which will use Diluc. The release date, instructions for playing the event, stages, and rewards for Hidden Strife Event Guide are all listed here.

Genshin Impact often holds four events in all within a single patch, rewarding participants like Primogem, Mora, Hero’s Wit, as well as other items. As a result, the second significant event that will take place with patch 2.8 will be referred to as Hidden Strife Event Guide.

It has lore ramifications and is intimately connected to Diluc’s most recent cosmetic, Red Dead of Night. This article contains all the pertinent information about the event, including the start date and the mechanics of the gaming.

Hidden Strife Event Guide
Hidden Strife Event Guide

Hidden Strife Event Guide: What Os Hidden Strife?

In the all out battle event known as Hidden Strife, we must beat adversaries with the use of stage boosts. This task is comparable to the Phantom Flow competition. A narrative concerning Diluc’s new skin, Red Dead of Night, will also be presented at the event.


Event Start July 27, 2022
Event End August 15, 2022
How to Unlock Reach Adventure Rank 25+

Complete Prologue: Act 3 Archon Quest

Complete Diluc’s Story Quest

Hidden Strife Event Guide: Release Date for Hidden Strife :-

The release of Hidden Strife, which was mentioned during the 2.8 Livestream, will take place sometime after the update goes live on July 13, 2022.

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Hidden Strife Event Guide: How To Unlock Hidden Strife?

Walkthrough we must achieve Adventure Rank 25 and above and, finish Prologue, Act 3 Archon Quest, and Diluc’s Story Quest before we can access Hidden Strife. I’ll make it simple for us. The details are presented below.

• Players must make up to Adventure rank 25.

• Act III – Song of the Dragon & Freedom of a Archon Quest Prologue must have been successfully completed.

• It is necessary for us to have completed Act I of Diluc’s Story Quest, Noctua Chapter, Act I Darknight Hero’s Alibi.

Inside this Hidden Strife Event, we cannot obtain Diluc’s Skin. However, we can test out the Diluc’s Skin trial edition while at the event.

Hidden Strife Event Guide: Diluc’s Event Battle Stages :-

• On July 27, 2022, Fearsome Judgement will be made available.

• Searing Skies is the second, it will be available on July 28, 2022.

• On July 29, 2022, Blazing Thunder will become available.

• The fourth stage is Flaming Feathers Scatter, will become available on July 30, 2022.

• In fifth is Puissant Calibre, which opens on July 31, 2022,

• The sixth stage is Arch-Tempered Sword, will become available on August 1st, 2022.

• The Other Molten Quadrant, which will open on August 2, 2022, is the eighth.

The challenge has a total of seven stages, according to the announcement. Seven days after the event’s start, one level will unlock each day.

Hidden Strife Event Guide
Hidden Strife Event Guide

Hidden Strife Event Guide: How To Play Hidden Strife?

• To begin the challenges, proceed to the event location.

• Complete the Dire Straits and Vicious Battle challenges.

• Get the Buffs the Afterimaged Might.

• To see the domain-specific impacts, check Ley Line Residues.

• Beat Enemies while the timer is still on.

Hidden Strife Event Guide: Story Behin Diluc’s Skin :-

The event tells the Red Dead of Night character Diluc Skin’s origin story. It appears that there will be event quests to explain Diluc’s attire and the reason he doesn’t get a vision when wearing it.

The challenges’ unlock tasks could potentially be included in the event quests. In additional to the history, it appears that Diluc’s Skin is available for testing in the stages.

Hidden Strife Event Guide: Head To The Falcon Coast Of Stage Challenge :-

One of the difficulties is in Falcon Coast, Mondstadt, as was made clear throughout the broadcast. We observe the Traveler activating whatever appears to be a red cloud, which moves him to a page for the event that lists each stage. Even so, the site might switch after the event becomes live or might have various places for every task.

Hidden Strife Event Guide: Complete Two Types Of Challenge :-

There are two different kinds of challenges: Dire Straits and Vicious Battle! Perilous, Quandary, & Desperate are the three levels of difficulty available in Vicious Battle. Only after successfully finishing Vicious Battle Mode’s (Desperate) Difficulty will Dire Straits become available.

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