How To Get Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack For FREE

Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack: Fortnite’s new Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack is now available to purchase in Fortnite item shop inventory, the sapphire hagiri quest pack is available for $11.99, yes which means Fortnite gamers must definitely spend some cash amount to get the sapphire quest pack.

As this new sapphire Fortnite Hagiri pack won’t be available for Fortnite V-bucks. But the good thing from a Fortnite gamer’s perspective is the Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack will consist of lots of cosmetics and new skin rewards, this sapphire hagiri bundle also came along with the Fortnite 21.30 v update of the game.

So finally Fortnite sapphire hagiri item bundle is available from today, that’s from 26th July on item shop of the Fortnite game.

Those Fortnite players who obtain the sapphire hagiri bundle pack will also be able to acquire 1,500 V-bucks in addition to the sapphire skins and cosmetics.

Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack – Release Date and Validity On Fortnite!

Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack

The sapphire hagiri quest pack item bundle will begin on 26th July and will end its tenure at the Fortnite item shop till the 6th of Sept.

As per ifireMonkey twitter ac handle the new sapphir hagiri should be a real money item bundle on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Hard luck that many of the Fortnite users won’t be able to get their hands on Sapphire Hagiri pack as they can’t purchase using the Fortnite in-game currency V-bucks, only spending real cash amount on Fortnite item shop ($11.99) will get the Fortnite hardcore gamers with the sapphire hagiri item pack.

Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack – Bundle List!

Sapphire Hagiri pack will be having all these exclusive cosmetics and skins for $11.99 dollars at the Fortnite item shop,

– Slayer Charlotte Skin Outfit w/a Style

– The Sapphire Serpent Back Bling

– Fortified Demonslayer Blade Pickaxe

– Swift Sai Pickaxe

– Twisted Serpent Wrap

– Sapphire Hagiri Quest Bundle also with 1,500 bucks

These are the new sapphire Fortnite pack’s skins and cosmetics bundle list, and the final Fortnite Sapphire Hagiri Quest Bundle will also be unlocking a lot of sapphire hagiri quests, which will also in return grant every Fortnite gamer with 1,500 bucks.

How To Purchase The Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack?

As we already at GA hinted that the new sapphire quest pack can only be secured by spending your real cash amount on the Fortnite item shop, $11.99 Dollars amount will help you earn this new sapphire Fortnite quest item bundle.

Everyone from Fortnite wanted this Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack for V-bucks, as already the sapphire pack has been loved by them, especially the Slayer Charlotte Skin has become a Fortnite fan favorite already.

Fortnite and Epic Games with the unleashing of the sapphire hagiri quest pack today will be raking in a lot of penny. Sapphire skins and cosmetics bundle on Fortnite is expected to be a bumper blockbuster for sure as per the excitement and enthusiasm amongst the Fortnite gamers.

How to Complete All Fortnite Sapphire Hagiri Quests?

Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack

As the sapphire hagiri quest pack is only getting unlocked today on the Fortnite item shop, the list of Fortnite sapphire quests will be known one by one, and then the sapphire quest names, sapphire quest completion guide, sapphire request rewards, everything can be known officially.

Now it’s time for Fortnite players to buy the sapphire hagiri quest pack for $11.99 dollars and get it. The Slayer Charlotte Skin outfit is easily the most anticipated one amongst Fortnite gamers.

That’s all we know everything about the Fortnite sapphire hagiri quest pack, more exclusive news about sapphire hagiri quest pack and sapphire Hagiri Quest Guide and rewards will be known later officially, one by one as the day progresses with the launch of the new sapphire quest item pack on Fortnite item shop.

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