The Last Of Us x Fortnite Release Date, Joel & Ellie Skins

The Last Of Us x Fortnite -Epic Games and their mega massive collaboration of Fortnite x other prominent franchises has been becoming a doable thing now. Naruto, Spiderman, Indiana Jones everyone’s had their skins on Fortnite,

now it’s time for the prominent PlayStation game from Sony, the naughty last of Us x Fortnite very soon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

The Last Of Us x Fortnite collaboration could well be happening very soon, as famous Fortnite leakers Shiina and ifireMonkey have already revealed about the last of Us collab with Fortnite may come out soon, also another prominent Xboxera gamer Nick Baker on his podcast hinted about Fortnite x Last of Us on his video.

So what can one Fortnite gamer take from this The Last Of Us x Fortnite combo? Of course, everyone’s anticipation is all about the skins from naughty’s last of us on the Fortnite item shop.

With much expectations, the skin and cosmetic leaks of naughty last of us x Fortnite are already being circulated.

Once the earth shattering combo of The Last Of Us x Fortnite goes live from Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, the potential skin leaks could be possibly based on the survival and zombie mode with skins like, Ellie and of course Joel for their very first debut in Fortnite item shop soon.

With possibly a brand new and exclusive zombie hunting gaming mode with a new POI on the Fortnite map regions.

The Last Of Us x Fortnite – Release Date!

The Last Of Us x Fortnite

According to Shiina Fortnite game is set to join hands with another PlayStation gaming series in the form of the last of Us. It’s just the beginning of the news for this last of us collab with Epic Games.

So well, with lots of new exclusive quests happening around on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, Epic Games will take time to divulge the release date and leaks of Fortnite x Last of Us.

So before Epic Games announce the release date of last of us and Fortnite Collab, expect all the netizens and Fortnite experts/leakers to leak the info about the same.

The Last Of Us x Fortnite – New Skins and Cosmetics! 

As the grapevine surrounding Epic Games and Last of Us, the buzz is that the Fortnite x Last of Us crossover will see the launch of Joel and Ellis with their cosmetics and skins on to Fortnite item shop.

A brand new hunting, survival, and zombie mode is also expected to arrive on the Fortnite item shop at the crossover of Fortnite x Last of Us. However, expect more leaks from Shiina or Nick backer of imonkey to divulge more about the last of us x Fortnite real soon.

Joel, Ellis, Zombie Mode, and Survival Gaming Mode are all now for the skin and cosmetics bundle of Epic Games with The Last Of Us. Will wait and see if there’s more than Ellis and Joel on the Fortnite item shop very soon.

The Last Of Us x Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics Item Bundle Price!

The Last Of Us x Fortnite

As it’s in the beginning stage of the announcement of Fortnite with the last of us game, the skins, cosmetics and total bundle item cost from the Last Of Us and Fortnite combo will be coming out very soon officially. No official info on Ellis and Joel skin price is known yet.

So, for now, that’s all from our side on the leaks and release date update of Fortnite x The Last Of Us collaboration. Epic Games will announce more exclusive updates officially very soon on the collab of the last of Us x Fortnite. Stay tuned to our handle for more exclusive updates on Fortnite.

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